2013 CAE Recipient Profile - Ceridian Canada

As a leader in human capital management for over 40 years, Ceridian is a trusted partner to more than 42,000 Canadian customers, paying one in five working Canadians. Ceridian is committed to helping clients optimize their workforce with a suite of available solutions that recruit, engage, develop, deploy and pay their talent over the entire employee lifecycle.

Globally, Ceridian provides products and services to more than 100,000 clients, touching the lives of 25 million employees in 50 countries around the world.

As a multi-year recipient of awards such as the 50 Best Employers in Canada, Best Workplaces in Canada, and Top 10 Most Admired Corporate Cultures, Ceridian is recognized as being able to “walk the talk” in its commitment to employee engagement as a key driver of success.

Ceridian recognizes the critical linkage amongst the Voice of the Employee, the Voice of the Customer and the Voice of the Business in being able to maintain high-levels of employee engagement. In doing so, Ceridian has structured its operations, policies and culture to support an engaged, respectful workplace that promotes collaboration, innovation, and service excellence that is centred around the Customer Experience.

Beyond this, Ceridian also believes that ongoing success cannot be strictly audit or policy-dependent, but that it is driven through multi-level employee participation and alignment of the organization towards common goals.  To support this understanding, Ceridian uses tools and methods that seek the input of employees and empower their involvement in constantly improving Ceridian and protecting our shared interests.  This spans how they approach quality, align and cascade goals, communicate and reward, and demonstrate respect for diversity of cultures, beliefs and values.  Ceridian shares these best practices via multiple forums with its customers, partners and market communities.

Further, Ceridian is recognized for innovation, having recently won the Ventana Research Technology Innovation Award, which recognizes achievement in innovation and improvement to technology, and the Brandon Hall Award for the development of Dayforce HCM, their latest product innovation. Dayforce HCM transforms human capital management from a collection of disparate systems reliant on fragile interfaces to a single, robust, real-time application with one employee record, one user experience and zero interfaces. This single application includes Payroll, Tax, Workforce Management, Benefits, and Human Resources.

Ceridian has a deep commitment to progressive excellence, and is a founding partner of Excellence Canada. Ceridian chose to pursue the Progressive Excellence Program as it was a natural fit to this commitment and due to its ability to provide a framework for a business to grow into and reference against, rather than a rigid structure that must be conformed to. This distinction was critical as it allowed Ceridian’s approach to align with its unique culture and fundamental belief in the importance of multi-level engagement.

Ceridian’s journey to achieve the Canada Award for Excellence began in May 2008 when the LifeWorks division received the Level 1 certification for a Quality & Healthy Workplace.  LifeWorks subsequently went on to achieve Level 2 in September of that year followed by Level 3 in October 2009.

In that same year the company began the process for all of its Canadian operations, and by 2011 had achieved the Silver Award for Level 3 Certification against the Quality and Healthy Workplace Standard recognizing us as a “Role Model” company in Canada.

In 2012, Ceridian made it a strategic initiative to achieve Platinum Level Canada Award for Excellence against the new Excellence, Innovation and Wellness standard.

This was a large leap in the Progressive Excellence cycle and involved completing gap assessments for all previous awards against the new standards, as well as achieving the Gold criteria .

Ceridian leadership felt confident that this was achievable, as the criteria for completing it aligned with Ceridian’s commitment to continuous improvement as a way of life for the business. That commitment is centred around not just getting things done, but about getting things done properly by breaking down processes; identifying issues, challenges and opportunities; consulting directly with the people involved, and implementing effective, sustainable solutions.

Over the last five years, Ceridian has evolved from a very strict Six Sigma and PMO approach, to an approach that is far more fluid, in line with Ceridian’s unique culture, and engages front line employees in the development of robust solutions that can be delivered in rapid timelines. The results of this have been tremendous and have positively impacted every area of the business and those of its many customers.

Ceridian’s approach borrows heavily from Lean principles, but uses output-based criteria to define optimization requirements and ensure that processes are aligned to deliver that output not just in discrete processes, but across the value stream.

Consistent with this mature approach to Lean, waste is removed as a by-product of this process rather than as a discrete focus point in and of itself. It is simple to learn, and has been a key enabler in maximizing and empowering employee engagement at all levels in process design and operational excellence.

From our Customer Listening Program, to our Wellness Strategy, for Ceridian, continuous improvement is an integrated part of day-to-day life within our business. We will continue to maintain that focus on excellence and the critical connection it enables between our People, our Customers, and our objectives.