2013 CAE Recipient Profile - CCR Refinery, A Glencore Company

CCR Refinery (CCR), the only copper refinery in Canada, is based in Montreal East and is a part of the Glencore group, a leading globally integrated producer and marketer of commodities including metals, minerals, energy and agricultural products. With operations that date back to 1931, CCR refines copper anodes to produce refined copper cathodes, and produces gold, silver ingots and platinum-palladium sponge, as well as byproducts including nickel sulfate, selenium and tellurium dioxide.

The company values sustainability and prioritizes health and safety and environmental management as well as the welfare of all employees. It contributes to the development and well-being of the local community and engages in open dialogue with stakeholders.

CCR employs 550 employees and contractors, all of whom strive to maintain high standards of service, business conduct and product quality every day.