2013 CAE Recipient Profile - Information Services Corporation

Information Services Corporation (ISC) is a publicly-traded Saskatchewan business corporation. It is the exclusive provider of land, personal property, corporate registries and the land surveys directory in the Province of Saskatchewan. In addition, ISC is responsible for the technology and activities related to the development, management and distribution of geographic information and information service portals for business in Saskatchewan. ISC provides a critical and essential service to individuals and corporations within the province by supporting economic activity through real property, personal property and corporate registrations.

ISC is distinguished from typical registry software providers by its ability to provide end-to-end management and administration of registries. By managing the entire information management and service delivery process, ISC is able to provide a “one-stop-shop” for governments and/or private-sector organizations to fully outsource these functions.

ISC’s Business

ISC currently manages and administers four integrated end-to-end registries as well as complementary information services and solutions for the Province of Saskatchewan.

ISC’s customer base includes individuals, real estate agents, home builders and municipalities, governments, financial institutions, insurance companies, car and equipment dealers, land developers, and resource, utility and pipeline businesses. ISC also has established intermediary customers including legal, survey and engineering firms.

What Makes ISC Unique

ISC built its business foundation by developing and managing accurate and secure government registries. The organization has significant experience integrating and transforming government information into solutions for the people and businesses of Saskatchewan.

This foundation has provided ISC with many years of solid financial growth, strong customer satisfaction and high employee engagement. ISC intends to build upon its foundation in registry services and information management to provide additional related information services and solutions for new and existing customers in Saskatchewan and outside the province.

ISC’s Excellence Journey

ISC began its excellence journey in 2003 as a member of the National Quality Institute. In 2013, ISC was please to receive the Platinum Canada Award for Excellence under the Excellence, Innovation and Wellness Standard. This recognition marks a significant milestone in the corporation’s evolution and will serve as a landmark to maintaining the future.


Since ISC’s initial steps in 2003, ISC has redefined its approach to its core business, its customers, its employee relations and its excellence program. It has become adept at satisfying standards of excellence in a way that is appropriate for its business and its customers.

One significant example of ISC’s redefined approach is to engage employees at all levels: to create cross-functional teams and collaborate through continuous improvement, and to continually ask employees their opinion about the business, and how the work gets done.

Employees are invited to join numerous committees and groups such as the Green Team, Innovation Team, Healthy Workplace Committee, United Way Committee, Diversity and Equity Working Group, Occupational Health and Safety Committees, and Social Club.  Recognition programs such as the Making a Difference Awards, ISCompliments and monthly kudos remain strong and are appreciated by employees. 

The Business Excellence Program’s Executive Sponsor is the Vice President, Operations and Customer Experience, who is responsible to advance the program and provide oversight of its progress. 

During Level 2 preparations, ISC developed a governance structure for business excellence which was maintained and improved upon throughout preparations for Level 3 and Level 4.  This structure includes an Executive Sponsor, Pillar Champions, the Business Excellence Team and the Business Excellence and Planning Consultant. Sub-teams (Green Team, Innovation Team and Healthy Workplace Committee) were also developed, and have evolved and become an integral part of ISC’s culture.

Employees are very much involved in annual planning activities, and they understand how their work contributes to the goals of ISC. This helps to increase employee engagement and ensure a more sustainable workforce.  ISC has worked very hard to “align the golden thread” for all employees — that is, it ensures employees understand how their own work objectives support business unit deliverables, which, in turn, link to the corporate objectives and ultimately ISC’s vision.

ISC is on the right track with its people practices, relationship building, communication methods, employee benefits and healthy workplace programs. In fact, many successful applicants of careers at ISC cite the healthy workplace program as an attraction to the organization.


Throughout ISC’s excellence journey, its commitment to business excellence has remained steadfast. Executive support has been critical to the success of the excellence program at ISC, and has been firmly in place since the very beginning in 2003, and will continue to be in the years going forward as ISC continues its excellence journey.