2013 CAE Recipient Profile - Ricoh Canada Inc.

Ricoh is a global technology company specializing in office equipment, production print solutions, document management systems and IT services.  Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, the Ricoh Group operates in more than 200 countries and regions. It is renowned for the quality of its technology, the exceptional standard of its customer service and dedication to sustainability initiatives.

Ricoh Canada Inc. (RCI) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ricoh Americas Corporation (RAC) with its head office located in Toronto, employing 2,100 employees nation-wide.  We are pioneers in the development of office imaging equipment, production print solutions, document management systems and IT services.

Quality and Excellence has always been a backbone of RCI.  In 2001 we began a formalized approach and made a concentrated effort in becoming a recognized “Excellence Organization”.  We joined RAC in their excellence journey by learning and leveraging the Malcolm Baldrige methodology.

By initially applying the principals of Baldrige to all aspects of our internal programs and initiatives, RCI began to experience quantifiable success through growth in financial performance, operational productivity and employee engagement.

In 2003, based on our success with our parent company, we embarked on our Canadian Quality and Excellence journey embracing the National Quality Institute (NQI) process for excellence.  In that same year we committed to the PEP program and successfully completed and were awarded the PEP 1 Level.

We continued with our focus on excellence by successfully completing PEP 2 Level – Bronze in 2005, PEP 3 Level – Silver 2006, culminating 2007 with the completion of PEP 4 Level and the Canada Award for Excellence Gold Award.

In 2008, Ricoh Company Ltd (RCL) announced it had completed the acquisition of IKON Office Solutions.  As a result of the merger, IKON became a wholly owned subsidiary of RAC.  In Canada specifically, the integration process commenced immediately including structure, processes and systems.  By 2010, the system integration was complete and the RCI was able to enjoy one set of processes and one system.

Shortly after the IKON acquisition and extensive integration efforts were completed, RCL acquired InfoPrint Solutions world-wide from IBM.  In Canada, RCI announced in the later part of 2011 the functional integration of InfoPrint Solutions Canada.  The integration of InfoPrint Solution added tremendous value to an already robust Ricoh portfolio.  When we combined the InfoPrint team’s expertise with the distribution power of RCI, we became a competitive force in the high speed colour printing part of the industry as well.

These two major organizational integrations required massive amounts of time and energy to ensure a smooth transition and that our commitment to providing a positive customer experience was preserved.

Considering the various cultures, processes and systems were in flux from 2009 to 2011, RCI was highly focused on ensuring stability of a positive customer experience, operational performance and financial position.  Through the Quality and Strategic Planning Office along with the Executive Management Team (EMT), a cognizant decision was made to postpone the pursuit of outside recognition until internal Business Assessments (PEP 3 Level) was exercised and evaluated.  Re-visiting the assessment process through the utilization of PEP 3 Level enabled us to determine if our newly expanded organization was able to maintain the quality practices and approaches leveraged prior to the various integrations that proved successful to address the criteria in the Canadian Framework for Business Excellence.

After evaluation and acceptance of PEP 3 Level by the Assessment Team and Leadership Team, the Executive group agreed to deploy the Order of Excellence Assessment to understand RCI’s adherence to the respective criteria of Senior Leadership Team, Planning, Customer/Client Focus, People Engagement, Process Management, Supplier/Partner Focus, Approach and Results.

Based on presentation and review of the results, the EMT agreed to apply for the Order of Excellence in 2013.  Through the application for the “Order of Excellence”, Excellence Canada and assigned verifiers observed that RCI continued its Quality approaches, practices and policies that meet the criteria under the Order of Excellence program.  In addition, RCI also enjoys numerous “cycles of improvement” on many programs as a result of focus on quality alongside the entrance of new leadership talent and other benefits introduced by recent integrations.

Ricoh Canada Inc. is proud to have grown with Excellence Canada.  By successfully addressing the Canadian Framework for Business Excellence, RCI has become a stronger organization, populated with people who embrace providing a positive experience to our internal and external customers.  Through every step in our excellence journey we have worked alongside our employees who give us valuable feedback, engage each other in continuous improvement and enable the organization to achieve incredible results. 

We are committed to continue our journey on the Excellence path.