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The Karma of Volunteering
I love volunteering. It is almost  therapeutic to do something for no other reason except to help. I think  volunteering gives you an advantage because it is where you gain real life  experiences.
Over 20 Excellence Canada Partners participated in ParticipACTION’s
Sneak It In Week
Sneak It In Week is an annual week-long initiative in which ParticipACTION, a Founding Partner of  Excellence Canada, challenges busy Canadians to “sneak” more physical activity  into their busy workday, even ten minutes at a time.
The Walking Dead and The Blade Through the Zombie Skull Solution
Rick could just make out the faint but  distinct sound of his iPhone ringing on the other side of the office.  He rushed back to his desk to see that his  friend Shane, who works in the tower a few streets over, was trying to “FaceTime”  him.
The Link Between Excellence and Happiness at Work
I recently facilitated the Excellence Canada Thought Leaders  Roundtable (TLRT), which in Toronto where 32 senior executives  from Excellence Canada’s Founding Partner  organizations and Board of Governors came together to discuss how excellence  links with happiness at work.
What is the Return on Halloween?
(There has to be an easier way to get candy!)
Did you dress up for Halloween this year?  My son and I were both  vampires.  I’m a big fan of Halloween.  My kids love it too. I was  thinking about what the payoff of Halloween actually is?
Excellence or Success*
During the  past few months I had the opportunity to speak to the University of Clemson  football team, the University of Oklahoma Women’s basketball team and The  Atlanta Falcons. In my talks I shared that the best of the best make their life  and work a quest for excellence and that there is a difference between success  and excellence.
Ricoh is United All the Way
Corporate  Social Responsibility (CSR) has always been a core focus for Ricoh Canada as they  connect and contribute to the local communities in which their employees live  and work. To celebrate Ricoh Canada’s ongoing support for United Way, employees  from the Ricoh Explorer and Toronto offices, Keele Warehouse, and DDLP  participated in the 14th Annual Woodbine Turf Races in aid of United  Way.
Durham Region takes an intergenerational approach to long-term care
At  Hillsdale Estates—a long-term care home in the City of Oshawa—an innovative  idea was brought forward, and acted upon, to make the home more comfortable for  children who are visiting residents, and to encourage intergenerational  interaction.
Caught Me Mapping!
If you haven’t heard the song Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen this summer then consider  yourself lucky.  My 7 year old daughter  plays it over and over and over and over.
The Ex-Men – Origins
Everywhere I turn this summer there are superheroes! The Avengers movie has almost made a billion  dollars at the box office.  Spiderman is  chasing Lizards and Batman is back protecting Gotham City.  I’ve always loved superhero stories.
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