Interactive Assessor: Game-Based Learning

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Interactive Assessor is a product based on Digital Games Based Learning (DGBL) that NQI will use to train and certify assessors.

DGBL focuses on the assessment and training of skills and behaviours as well as knowledge (the more traditional e-based approach).

In this product the user (or player) is immersed into a number different companies, interacting and interviewing individuals, focus groups, investigating the environment, arguing with co-assessors and finally providing an assessment of each individual virtual organization. Interactive Assessor is based on flash/xml technology and is therefore platform independent and fully web accessible.

The benefits of this new, exciting technology are:

• calibration of assessors, i.e. do people assess these companies in a consistent way

• a standard and consistent platform for on-line assessor certification

• a skills as well as knowledge based assessment

• a rich and detailed amount of information as feedback for the assessors playing the game. Interactive Assessor provides not just the final assessment (compared to a golden standard) but also the route that was taken to reach the final assessment. This will provide vital feedback to both the player and to NQI.

• quick update of content. As frameworks change and mature, it will be quick and easy to update the content in the virtual environment

• a fun and engaging environment in which to hone assessment skills

This is a unique approach to certification and training. In fact NQI is the first organization in the world to embrace this technology for this type of training and certification. We see this as a real and significant market differentiator as well as a vehicle for adding value and driving innovation.

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