Quest for Quality Module 2 - Pre-recorded Webinar

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This previously recorded webinar is perfect for people who can't make it to a face-to-face session. All of the content from Module 2 of the Quest for Quality: Process Improvement Tools Course is broken down into 10 units.

- Study at your leisure
- Avoid travel costs
- Enjoy the same content
- Rewind and watch critical content over again

Example of webinar program. Adam Stoehr (VP Educational Services) in Action

You will be given a password for one individual to access the units for 30 days. After you purchase this pre-recorded webinar we will send you a workbook that goes with the course.

This webinar is equivalent to the in-class course and counts towards CEP certification.

Originally delivered in September 2008 by Adam Stoehr, Excellence Canada, Vice-President Educational Services.

Note: This webinar is equivalent to Module 2 of the Quest for Quality training program.

If you are looking for all three modules of Quest for Quality in pre-recorded webinar format you can purchase them here.

Description of Module 2:

Teaches quality tools and techniques to identify and quantify the impact of quality gaps in your organizations including:
• NQI Quality Principles
• NQI Framework for Excellence
• Process Mapping
• Cost of Quality
• Quality Gaps
• Process Metrics
• Displaying Data (Pareto Chart, Run Chart, Control Chart, Performance/importance matrix etc.)
• Problem and Project Mission Statements

Module 2 also requires you to complete a process improvement assignment related to one of the key processes in your organization. This assignment gives participants an opportunity to practice the skills they have learned in a real-life process in their organization.


The award winning Quest for Quality training course is comprised of three modules:

• Module 1 consists of a self-study workbook that teaches the basic principles and concepts of quality

• Module 2 teaches quality tools and techniques to identify and quantify the impact of quality gaps in your organizations

• Module 3 teaches you to apply quality tools and techniques to close quality gaps in your organization, ensure they remain closed and are improved over time

If you would prefer to participate in a Live version of this course (as-opposed to pre-recorded) please register for the next available date on our Training Calendar.