ECPM-07: Best Practices in Process Management


Some of the best ideas for improvement are simple things that others have already tried and implemented successfully. Process improvement starts with understanding quality gaps and ends with the never ending journey of continuous improvement.

Since this journey never ends, the learning shouldn't either.


This event:
  • Allows the opportunity for Excellence Canada Certificate in Process Management candidates to share a "Process Impact Assignment" with fellow candidates and certified individuals
  • Gives participants a chance to learn and share best practices in process management methodology


Course Content

  • Process Impact Assignment Presentations
  • Lessons on Process Improvement
  • Guest speakers from Canada Awards for Excellence Recipients
  • Discussion of how the lessons you learned played out in real life
  • Facilitated discussion about current events related to process improvement for reflection and feedback
  • Networking opportunity for process management professionals


Process Impact Assignments
  • Process Impact Assignment's are a requirement of the Excellence Canada Certificate in Process Management
  • Candidates are asked to apply the relevant content from Modules 1-6 to a real life situation and present the results during this module (module 7)
  • The emphasis of the assignment is on the learning of process management. The bonus is if the learning results in a significant positive impact on the process

Who Should Attend

  • This event is exclusively available to those who are completing the Excellence Canada Certificate in Process Management program


  • This event is mandatory for completion of the Certificate in Process Management Program
  • Candidates and certified individuals can attend this module as many times as they wish if they have paid their certification fees in full.