Excellence in... A Strategic Approach to Quality, Innovation and Wellness

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Sep 26, 2017
Excellence Canada, 154 University Avenue, Suite 402, Toronto, ON
Price $395.00
Or enrollment in the Certified Excellence Professional® Program
(8 modules) for $2,500
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or call 1-800-263-9648 ext 236

What is Excellence?  How can a strategic approach to excellence help an organization improve?  What will happen to me if my organization starts thinking seriously about excellence?  

These questions (and others) will be explored in this fun session meant to introduce the drivers and principles of a strategic approach to Quality, Innovation, and wellness. 

Drivers of Excellence

  • Leadership
  • Strategy and Planning
  • People Engagement
  • Partners and Suppliers
  • Customer Experience
  • Process Management

Priciples of Excellence

  • Leadership involvement
  • A primary focus on the customer experience
  • Co-operation, teamwork, and continuous learning
  • A focus on excellence, innovation and wellness
  • A focus on continual improvement
  • Commitment to fact-based decision making through the use of data and measurement
  • Commitment to corporate social responsibility

Course Content

  • The elements of the Excellence Innovation and Wellness Standard, and its use as an overall strategic approach for excellence across an organization
  • The history and evolution of the international quality movement
  • The link between a strategic approach to excellence and employee engagement, satisfaction, and morale
  • The drivers of Excellence that drive overall organizational performance
  • The principles of excellence and how they can drive performance improvements
  • How to integrate improvement efforts under one overarching strategic approach 
  • What it takes to drive long-term culture change


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Instructor Information

Adam  Stoehr, PhD

Adam Stoehr, PhD