Excellence in... Conducting Organizational Assessments

Organizational excellence assessment is a methodology to assess how an organization’s management systems compare against the Canadian Framework for Excellence.

Assessments are normally conducted to:

- Better understand an organization's strengths & opportunities in line with the intent of the Canadian Framework for Excellence
- Address strategic issues and close gaps, which ultimately improves performance

This 1-day assessment training course:

• Provides organizational assessment leaders and team members with the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to conduct an organizational assessment, using Excellence Canada Criteria.

• Covers the Excellence Canada Assessment Roadmap which includes:
- Engaging the Leaders
- Selecting the Assessment Team
- Conducting a Preliminary Assessment
- Planning the Main Assessment
- Gathering Assessment Data
- Preparing the Final Report
- Communicating Results

Course Content

  • The principles of excellence and related criteria
  • The process to complete an organizational excellence assessment
  • Assessment preparation and planning activities
  • Pre-assessment activities
  • Assessment data-gathering activities
  • Post-assessment activities
  • Communication and follow-up activities
  • How to build and apply a series of interview questions to use in the assessment process
  • The scoring system used to evaluate the assessment results
  • Preparation of assessment reports
  • Application of team-building principles

Who Should Attend

  • Those who will lead and/or take part in either internal or external organizational assessments
    CAE & PEP assessors and/or verifiers
  • Those responsible for continuous improvement of their organization’s performance using the Excellence Frameworks (Quality, Healthy Workplace® or Integrated)
  • Suitable for both the public and private sectors


  • It is highly recommended that participants complete the Framework for Excellence workshop course before attending Organizational Excellence Assessment.
  • Completed the Organizational Excellence Assessment Pre-course Assignment.
  • Note: This course is a part of the Certified Excellence Professional® Curriculum

Instructor Information

Adam  Stoehr, PhD

Adam Stoehr, PhD