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Jan 16, 2019
Excellence Canada, 154 University Avenue, Suite 402, Toronto, ON
Price $395.00
Or enrollment in the Certified Excellence Professional® Program
(8 modules) for $2,500
To register, please email
or call 1-800-263-9648 ext 236

This half-day workshop provides you with an understanding of how to measure the customer experience. First, we will look at who the customer is for your organization and how we identify them.  Second, we explore and map the service experience from the customer's point of view.  Then we cover several tools and concepts on how to measure the customer experience.  

This workshop uses Customer Experience Journey Mapping to help you get the full picture of how your customers (either internal or external) are feeling.  

If you have ever had a hard time answering any of the following questions this workshop is for you:

  • How well are we doing?
  • Are we meeting our goals?
  • Who is our Primary customer?
  • What should we be measuring?
  • How are our customers feeling?
  • Are our customers satisfied?
  • Are our processes working well?
  • Where can we improve?
  • Where are our strengths?

After Ability

  • Know who your internal and external customers are
  • Use customer experience mapping to understand the importance of the “before”, “during”, and “after” experience
  • Know the impact of one key processes on the entire customer experience 
  • Know the difference and uses of outcome, perception, and descriptive metrics
  • Know when to use tools like check sheets, concentration diagrams, surveys, questionnaires, interviews and focus groups to collect customer experience data.
  • Know how to set targets and communicate opportunities for improvement using charts and graphs.

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Instructor Information

Adam  Stoehr, PhD

Adam Stoehr, PhD