Excellence in... Mental Health at Work®

Did you know that 1 out of 5 people suffer from some form of mental illness? What are you doing to improve mental health at work?

Employers could be liable and need to implement systems and programs to help promote mental health.

Invest in a one-day course and get started on a mental health plan!

Course Content

  • You will review key concepts and key determinants of mental health.
  • Learn about the Standard, and how it relates to your own workplace.
  • In an interactive session, each section of the Standard will be discussed.
  • During the day, assess your own organization using a survey. It is advisable (but not mandatory) to bring more than one person from your organization.
  • Learn how to implement a plan.
  • The course includes an overview of the development of the Standard, as well as how certification in the Essentials program can link to the Canada Awards for Excellence.

    BONUS: Receive a copy of the Standards as well as other very useful resource material.

Who Should Attend

  • All employees, managers and wellness professionals responsible for the wellness of individuals at work. 
  • Attendance by two or more people from one organization is advisable, but not mandatory.


The Essentials at Mental Health at Work® Program

The program is designed in 2 levels, and leads to a Canada Awards for Excellence BRONZE award. At level one, the organization reinforces its commitment to mental health by establishing principles. It secures an integrated, strategic leadership approach to mental health, and ensures that the organization is meeting the standards of legislation, e.g., employment standards, labour relations, human rights legislation, Workers’ Compensation laws, occupational health and safety, employment contract law and other legal system influences. Resources are committed such as financial and human resources, and an assessment is conducted to identify psychological health and safety hazards, assess their risks, evaluate workplace culture and determine the presence or absence of a supportive environment.

Level two builds on the solid commitment at level one. Level 2 ensures that the organization has a systematic approach to planning, and a Mental Health Plan that is responsive to needs. This Plan strives to remove silos and sigma, and leads to programs that support mental health, ensuring a safe and supportive work environment. The organization uses a clear process to determine clear priorities in workplace mental health issues. SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely) goals are in place and are based on current evaluation and assessment.

Instructor Information

Karen  Jackson MA, RD, BSC

Karen Jackson MA, RD, BSC