Baseline Assessment

Baseline Assessment

Management consensus and support is vital for the success of any organizational initiative but especially when undertaking an enterprise-wide continual improvement journey. A Baseline Assessment establishes consensus about where you are at today, so you can map where you are going tomorrow.

A Baseline Assessment is a three-hour focus group workshop for 6 to 10 senior and mid-management people, led by an Excellence Canada Lead Assessor to establish the current state of your organization across the drivers of excellence: Leadership, Planning, Customers, People, Processes, and Partners.

Working collaboratively, the Baseline Assessment is designed to:

  • Create team consensus about where the organization sits against a specific standard and level, the first step towards planning for implementation, certification, and market recognition
  • Identify your organization’s key strengths and any gaps or opportunities for improvement
  • Build consensus on next steps and the path forward


  • A report summarizing the strengths and opportunities noted during the Baseline Assessment
  • Level of organizational readiness to apply for certification and national recognition through the Canada Awards for Excellence program
  • Recommended path forward for your organization with a high-level action plan
  • Presentation of the report to senior management

Note: The Baseline Assessment does not result directly in certification and award recognition but is an important strategic planning step

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