Established in Canada in 1980, Hill+Knowlton (H+K) has nine wholly-owned offices across the country (Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Regina, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Victoria), offering our clients national strength with strong regional presence. We’re part of the world-leading WPP group of companies, with a network of 2,500 offices in 108 countries. Our H+K family is spread across 87 offices and 49 countries.

We’re the nation’s leading full-service strategic communications consultancy, with a successful track record of conducting internal and external communications assessments, and developing and executing communications campaigns and business strategies to manage the impact of the public on an organization’s reputation, brand and bottom line.

H+K’s proven track record in strategic communications, public affairs and issues management consulting, as well as our digital capabilities, national and international network, and expertise in and proprietary tools for public, stakeholder and community engagement make the firm unique in the Canadian marketplace.


Core Values

Our vision is based on our commitment to deliver superior client service that is of the highest quality. This led us to develop—more than fifteen years ago—a strong performance of culture based on mutual respect and support, reflected in our core values:

  • Best Teams: We believe that by offering clients the best our firm has to offer in terms of expertise, experience and innovation—regardless of geography, practice or service—we provide them with measurable gains. The result: we have a significant number of successful and lasting relationships with clients that span a variety of industries and sectors.
  • High Standards: We are committed to a strong ethic of client service excellence to execute our services in a manner that rates as the highest standards of our profession—standards we have set for the industry—standards we strive to meet daily.
  • Constant Improvement: We provide the tools and opportunities for our professionals to continue learning, exploring and reaching to achieve excellence.



Our excellence journey began in the late 1990s. The framework originally laid out by the National Quality Institute (NQI), now Excellence Canada, has provided us with a solid foundation on which we have grown our business, while ensuring a strong commitment to quality and constant improvement. Over the years, as we’ve progressed through the Progressive Excellence Program (PEP), H+K’s business success followed. In 2011, H+K received the highest award granted by Excellence Canada for Quality—the Canada Order of Excellence (COE)—and we also became a founding partner that year. That achievement marked a first in our industry with H+K being the first communications firm to receive the COE award. We are again honoured to be receiving our second Canada Order of Excellence award this year as we stand beside an exclusive group of Canadian organizations who have been recognized for their great achievements. Our journey continues as we start the Excellence, Innovation and Wellness program and remain an active participant as a founding partner.