2014 CAE Recipient Profile - Ministry of Labour

The Ministry of Labour (MOL) is a line ministry of the Ontario Public Service (OPS). MOL’s mandate is to advance safe, healthy, fair and harmonious workplace practices that are essential to the social and economic well-being of the people of Ontario. The core program areas are Occupational Health and Safety, Employment Standards and Labour Relations.

Achieving PEP® Healthy Workplace Level 4 certification recognizes the progress Ministry of Labour has made, but more importantly, it demonstrates the commitment and the improvements that can be achieved when management, bargaining agents and employees all work together to create and sustain a healthy workplace.

In 2010, MOL achieved PEP® Healthy Workplace Level 1, 2 and 3 certification. The Ministry of Labour’s PEP® Healthy Workplace journey started as an initiative within the Operations Division (the largest division of the ministry). After Operations Division achieved PEP® Healthy Workplace Level 1 and 2 certification, the initiative was expanded to the ministry as a whole. As the ministry is part the Ontario Public Service, many policies and programs are established at the corporate level and apply across the ministry. While the Ministry of Labour plays a key role in ensuring the implementation and success of corporate wellness initiatives, Ministry priorities on a range of wellness initiatives have made MOL a place where employees are proud to work.

Below are some of the healthy workplace key milestones that MOL has achieved over the past 10 years which have shaped our program, shifted our culture and engaged our employees:

  • MOL Healthy Workplace Committee and regional sub-committees established to provide leadership in the development and implementation of health and wellness strategies
  • MOL Employee Engagement strategies developed and implemented based on biennial Employee Engagement surveys
  • Peer Support Program developed for MOL staff, including front-line workers who investigate fatalities and critical injuries, to provide emotional support and resources to their coworkers in times of crisis (this program is an additional emotional and mental health support to staff, who also have access to the Employee Assistance Program)
  • Annual Diversity Mentoring and Partnership Program implementation
  • Equitable Leadership Assessments consist of 360° reviews of management on eight competencies of an equitable leader
  • Annual Diversity Plans created and implemented
  • Annual Accessibility Plans created and implemented
  • Inclusion and Diversity Council established
  • Accessibility Council established
  • Bi-annual Threat Risk Assessments conducted
  • Three year Inclusion Plan created in 2013
  • Joint Union-Management Health and Safety Advisory Sub-Committee established and Joint Union-Management Employment Accommodation Working Group established

The Ministry of Labour and all public sector organizations are challenged to continue to deliver high quality and excellent service in an environment of fiscal restraint.  The creativity, resilience and passion of our employees enable the ministry to meet these challenges. MOL understands that a healthy workplace is an essential requirement for the organization to meet and exceed public expectations and deliver its mandate.

Ministry of Labour’s senior leadership team and staff are passionate and proud of their work on behalf of Ontarians and they are equally committed to healthy work environments in all MOL workplaces. It is a priority that the MOL workplace can stand as a model for others to follow.