2014 CAE Recipient Profile - PEEL REGIONAL POLICE

Peel Regional Police (PRP) is the second largest municipal police organization in the Province of Ontario, with 1957 sworn officers, 29 cadets, 828 civilian support staff, and 99 part-time and temporary staff. PRP provides policing services to the 1.3 million residents of the cities of Brampton and Mississauga.  Police services are made available through 5 divisional facilities, 3 community stations, the Emil V. Kolb Facility and Police Headquarters.  The service delivery area is approximately 538 square kilometres (335 square miles).  Bordering Lake Ontario, the Marine Unit patrols all accessible shoreline, including inland bodies of water and 272 square kilometres (105 square miles) of water to the international border with the United States.  Canada’s busiest airport, Pearson International Airport, is situated in the City of Mississauga and is policed by PRP under a full cost recovery agreement with the Greater Toronto Airports Authority.  Thirty-four million passengers pass through the airport annually. 

The vision of “A Safer Community Together” provides direction for staff to work towards and continues to guide PRP as we serve our community.  The mandate of PRP is to maintain peace and good order, protect lives and property, investigate and resolve criminal activity, prevent crime, and respond to our community’s needs.  There is a continued focus on enhancing productive relationships and building stronger partnerships with community organizations through community engagement and involvement.  Balanced by sensitivity to the importance of successful major crime resolution, the organization is committed to community-based policing, the development of effective and proactive initiatives, crime prevention programs and victim services, as delineated by the Police Services Act. 

Peel Regional Police is currently being led by its 2014 - 2016 Strategic Plan.  This Plan serves as a guiding document by providing a framework for allocating resources to address future challenges and emerging issues.  The 2014 - 2016 Strategic Plan includes performance indicators for each strategic goal, collecting information to be used for present and future planning.  Essentially, the Plan forms a “road map” of where PRP is headed, and details the methods by which the organization will accomplish its goals.  The organization’s ongoing commitment of strategic planning provides a strong foundation to continue to provide effective and efficient services that build trust within our community.  Entitled “A Safer Community Together”, this Strategic Plan is based on an extensive consultation process.  A series of Discovery Workshops and input was received from a variety of stakeholders including policy & decision makers, representatives of the residential & business communities, community leaders and youth residing in the Region of Peel.

Additionally, feedback was received through residential and business community surveys, and an employee survey.  Contributions from the community and employees ensure that this Strategic Plan meets the needs of our community and our staff, now and into the future.

During the current strategic planning cycle, the focus of PRP is on the following key strategic issues:

  • Community Safety Together
  • Member Focused Workplace
  • Quality Service & Fiscal Responsibility
  • Growth & Changing Demographics


Peel Regional Police Excellence Journey

Peel Regional Police is recognized as a policing leader with many innovative programs and initiatives that have been shared and recognized with partner and governing agencies.  PRP was the first Canadian police service to receive “flagship status” with the “Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies”, a quality driven program specifically designed for law enforcement agencies, a status that the organization maintained from 2005 to 2008.  Ensuring the focus of the organization was on excellence and continuous improvement, PRP partnered with Excellence Canada in 2008 and began to apply the “Quality and Healthy Workplace” Progressive Excellence Program (PEP) criteria in all facets of the organization to create and maintain a “Member Focused Workplace”.  PRP is extremely proud of having progressively obtained Levels 1 through 4 Certification.  Over the past six years, there have been many programs and initiatives implemented resulting in a “Member Focused Workplace”, such as the formation of the Corporate Communications, Organizational Wellness, Risk Management Services and Organizational Process Management bureaux; creation of numerous committees (Environmental Committee, Wellness Committee, Employee Recognition Committee); numerous new and upgraded information technology systems (e-Performance for performance appraisals, e-Time for timekeeping, Niche for case management, CPKN an online training portal, iCAD, etc.); Proud to be Peel Campaign; creation of new employee awards; the Chief’s Suggestion Box and the Employee Support and Development Plan.  Moreover, results from the Annual Employee Satisfaction Survey reveal:


  • PRP has a culture of employees who are willing to help PRP succeed;
  • Employees are proud, committed and enjoy their work at PRP; and,
  • PRP is committed to providing its employees with a healthy and safe workplace.


Additionally, the commitment and dedication of Peel Regional Police staff, as well as the support and positive modeling demonstrated by the Police Services Board, the Chief of Police, and the Chief’s Management Group, led to the success of Peel Regional Police being recognized through various awards including: Canada’s Top Employers for Young People for 2012, 2013 and 2014; Greater Toronto’s Top Employers for 2012, 2013 and 2014; the Employee Assistance Society of North America" (EASNA) Award; Excellence Canada Level 4 Gold Certification for quality and healthy workplace practices; 2012 Employer designation from Provincial Partnership Council; and the Gold Medal Award from the Human Rights and Race Relations Centre.


With the ongoing support of Regional Council, the Police Services Board (PSB), community partnerships, and the dedication of uniform and civilian employees, we will continue to maintain the vision of Peel Regional Police: “A Safer Community Together”.  The organization’s commitment of leadership has granted a systematic approach to excellence.  PRP’s demonstrated leadership is exemplary and was recognized as a best practice by Excellence Canada.  The PRP excellence journey is a commitment to transparency, effective planning, and the desire to provide avenues for employees to be recognized, offer suggestions, identify risks/ mitigation strategies and voice concerns.