2014 CAE Recipient Profile - Upper Canada District School Board

The Upper Canada District School Board (UCDSB) is a diverse, public educational organization in Eastern Ontario.  At the Upper Canada District School Board, we are an empathetic educational system where our students thrive under our philosophy of All Means All!  We work hard to get all of our students across the line.

In 2004, the UCDSB embarked upon a 15 year strategic plan, known as CREW (Communications, Resources, Educational Programs and Wellness) to guide improvements in the education and well-being of students and staff.  At the end of the day, the Board will not only be graduating students better able to think, read, write and enjoy healthy relationships, but better all-around citizens filled with character.

As an employer, the UCDSB is concerned about the health and welfare of its students and staff.  The Board has physical literacy programs in place to improve the health of students and encourages physical fitness among staff through initiatives such as activity promotion events, staff walking clubs and fitness classes. 

Through CREW, the Board inspires the leaders of tomorrow and ensures a prosperous and meaningful future for all employees.