2015 CAE Recipient Profile - Saint Elizabeth

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Saint Elizabeth – Excellence, Innovation and Wellness

Who we are….
Our Mission
Saint Elizabeth’s mission is to share our talent and wisdom to serve the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of individuals and families in their homes and communities. Inspired by our historic roots and traditional respect for human dignity, we strive to care with professional excellence and compassion.
Our Vision
To honour the human face of health care
Our Values and Objectives
Saint Elizabeth is dedicated to spreading hope and happiness throughout Canada and beyond. We believe in the power of people and communities; we are fuelled by social impact; and we see possibility everywhere. As a leader in research, innovation and clinical practice, we bring forward-thinking care to Canadians and the networks that support them to live and age well at home.

Saint Elizabeth is an accredited national award-winning not-for-profit social innovator, known to be a leader in pioneering health practices, spreading cutting-edge knowledge and delivering high-quality compassionate care. We have almost 8,000 employees, service over 11,000 individuals each day, and annually deliver over 6.4 million hours of health care services in a range of settings including long term care homes, retirement homes, hospitals, assisted living and supportive housing, clinics, hospices and clients’ homes. We have a long history of collaborating with our partners to implement value-added services, sustainable best practices, innovative approaches, and continuous improvements.

We are honoured by Excellence Canada’s recognition of our work and it is our goal to be worthy recipients of this award today and into the future. 

The path to excellence…
Since partnering with Excellence Canada in 2007, Saint Elizabeth’s (SE) approach to excellence, innovation and wellness has evolved considerably; building on our strengths and helping us grow. 

Quality, innovation and healthy workplace focus is integral to our annual strategic planning cycle which cascades from the Board throughout the organization. Related milestones are aligned with functional area goals/plans and individual objectives. Integrated quality reporting systems support ongoing monitoring. Strategies are translated into action through documented annual plans focused on enterprise risk management, quality improvement, healthy workplace and operations.  

Since 2012, our strategic quality program has been further integrated throughout the organization bringing our Quality Guarantee, which states that every point of contact with SE achieves better than expected outcomes, to the forefront in all that we do. SE’s quality council continues to support and guide continuous quality improvement in all facets of the organization. Annual key priority process identification, in alignment with corporate strategies, is central to this focus.  Utilizing project management tools that were first introduced in 2004, project execution is standardized. Since 2012, our project management approach has expanded to include a renewed focus on building capacity throughout SE, and the development of a virtual project management office through our intranet.

Quality and healthy workplace assessment are inherent in day-to-day practice and formalized through many regular reviews that evaluate; potential risk, client satisfaction, staff engagement, and organizational health. Assessment is also part of ongoing program and strategy evaluation, through scorecards and dashboards. By cascading quality monitoring throughout the organization, SE promotes a collaborative and proactive approach to continuous quality improvement planning.

While we have always had an exemplary level of care and optimism embedded in the day to day practices of our organization, last year we took that to the next step with the launch of our Hope and Happiness movement.  The movement has taken off on social media with stories about how SE staff is making people smile through random acts of kindness. To further amplify the movement, SE gave each employee 25 ‘hope and happiness’ dollars with the concept of paying it forward.   We are sharing their stories to inspire others, and invited all Canadians to share their own stories and inspirations on social media using the hashtag #HopeAndHappiness. 

Leveraging over a century of wisdom for greater social purpose and impact, Saint Elizabeth adopted a robust and multifaceted innovation agenda. Together with a growing network of innovation partners we continue to influence both within and outside of healthcare.  SE is among the first home health organizations to be using a mobile learning solution in Canada, providing all staff with just in time training at the point of need to support job performance.  This year SE became Samsung’s biggest mobile enterprise customer to date in Canada, with the roll out of over 5000 Samsung tablets. The transition has provided staff with the best tools to do their job, streamlined processes, and enhanced client care.

We look forward to an ongoing relationship with Excellence Canada. We rely on the team and partners to continue to challenge us and propel us to even greater levels of achievement.