2015 CAE Recipient Profile - Ethosolar Inc.

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Ethosolar Inc.

EthoSolar builds stronger, more financially secure communities through the power of solar

In 2009, at the inception of Ontario's Green Energy Act, Jeremy DeSota and Ken Rounds founded EthoSolar. The dream was that through solar, the company would bring sustainability to local businesses, and in turn form legacies that would enable those businesses tosucceed and grow for future generations.

Christening the new company EthoSolar, the name pointed to the deep commitment the founders had to a business culture that was honourable and excellent. Since then, a dedicated team has laboured to build EthoSolar into what it is today, taking it from a start-up reality to a successful and profitable solar developer, and one of the largest Canadian-founded and domestic solar developers.

While the company exists in a competitive environment within an exploding industry, EthoSolar stands apart for its internal and external culture of excellence and accountability. While pushing the envelope of technology, the company is known for creating dedicated and loyal customers through the character of its work and its workforce.

After six years, we are planning the celebration of our 1,000th installation and are thankful for the people and circumstances who carried us to this point. EthoSolar, its leadership, and the entire team across Canada and the US is committed to building stronger, more financially secure communities through the power of solar. This sharpens and defines the efforts and direction of the entire company.

We believe that our success has been built on the foundation of trust. Without trust - between each other, our customers, and our partners - we won't succeed.