Architecture, Information Management & Project Management Office Branch, Central Agencies I&IT Cluster, Treasury Board Secretariat


Architecture, Information Management & Project Management Office Branch, Central Agencies I&IT Cluster, Treasury Board Secretariat 

The Back Story 

The Central Agencies (I&IT) Cluster (CAC) is one of nine clusters in the Treasury Board Secretariat (TBS), and it provides a wide range of technology solutions to optimize the value of I&IT investments in meeting business priorities for its ministry clients. 

Within CAC, the Architecture, Information Management and Project Management Office (AIP) branch is responsible for providing in-house expert skills to support CAC clients’ I&IT projects and future state architectures. I&IT expertise and consultation on the introduction and utilization of technologies complement these capabilities. 

AIP is fully committed to organizational excellence through continuous service improvement in all processes and methodologies while supporting a healthy workplace.  All of AIP’s internal processes are well-documented which allow for easy assessment, review, benchmarking and enhancement while enabling a consistent and systematic approach for continuous improvement.  

Core Values

AIP operates in alignment to TBS’ Values:

  • Accountability
  • Balance
  • Open Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Trust and Respect 

AIP’s Excellence Canada Journey 

Our excellence journey began in 2009 when we embarked on an internal 3-3-4 Maturity Transformation Initiative (MTI) certification based on the Capability/Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) approach aimed for service process improvement across a project or an entire organization.  AIP continued with the momentum of excellence and pursued external validation from Excellence Canada for organizational excellence and healthy workplace.  As a result, an organizational excellence strategy & roadmap was developed and launched to mobilize the entire organization to embrace excellence in our service delivery. 

Following the successful certification of the NQI PEP® Level 1 certification in 2011, AIP progressively achieved Excellence Canada PEP® Level 2 in November 2012 and Level 3 certification in April 2013.  Since then, AIP also transitioned from the NQI Quality & Healthy workplace stream to the new Excellence Canada Excellence, Innovation and Wellness stream.  In June 2015, AIP successfully achieved Excellence Canada Platinum certification in the Excellence, Innovation and Wellness Standard. 

Throughout our quality journey, there was ongoing involvement and support from senior management as well as active participation from all staff in all facets of the certification processes.  With the changing business environments and the overall economic climate, AIP has to be innovative in order to meet the ever-increasing demands and resource constraints, and at the same time to uphold our high quality standards.  As a result, AIP focuses in continuous streamlining of processes and improvements of service delivery.  

With a strong excellence culture, AIP is not only able to consistently maintain very high client satisfaction levels but also manage to build partnerships with our clients through an innovative and collaborative approach through the use of Technology Roadmaps to guide the decision of IT investments in a strategic and cost-effective manner.  

AIP has demonstrated its strength and ability to sustain world class performance especially during times of financial uncertainty and a climate of rapid constant change in the Ontario Public Services.  AIP has been resilient and steadfast in meeting challenges and has also been able to show leadership in the areas of I&IT Architecture, Information Management, and Project Management.  AIP is fully committed to excellence and continuous service improvement to align fully with the TBS Vision “to lead transformation that builds better public services for the future of Ontario”.