2016 CAE Recipient Profile - British Columbia Pension Corporation

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British Columbia Pension Corporation

About us

The British Columbia Pension Corporation is one of the largest pension services providers in Canada and the largest in BC. We provide professional pension services to the College, Municipal, Public Service, Teachers’ and WorkSafeBC pension plans. Together, these plans include more than 1,100 plan employers and over 534,600 members.

Created in 2000, the corporation operates under the Public Sector Pension Plans Act. The BC Pension Corporation is governed by a board of directors, made up of representatives from each of the College, Municipal, Public Service and Teachers' pension plan boards of trustees.

The corporation operates on a cost recovery basis and is funded by each pension plan for services provided and a share of operating and capital costs. Every dollar we receive is used to provide services to members, employers and trustees.

We are a community of more than 500 dedicated professionals who share common beliefs about excellent client service and are aligned in our desire to make our organization an even better place tomorrow than it is today. Together, we encourage a culture that supports change, innovation and improvement. Our culture is summed up in the following organizational statements:

  • Our Purpose—We make the pension experience easy for those we serve.
  • Our Direction—We are transforming to meet the changing expectations of plan members, trustees, employers and staff.
  • Our People—We are a dedicated professional team, we provide great service and we care deeply about our clients and each other.


Our excellence journey

Our Going for Gold journey began in 2009. Encouraged and energized by a new CEO, we started asking provocative questions about how we did our work and the tools and technology we used to ensure we would be prepared for the largest ever demographic phenomenon to hit the Pension Corporation—retirement of the baby boom generation.

Supporting the organization were the people and positive culture. Staff were and continue to be caring and committed to each other, client focused and supremely committed to serving pension plan members and employers. Many at the Pension Corporation think of their colleagues as family and the place as home.

In addition to our focus on people, culture and readying the organization for change, we built our ambitious program of business transformation—our nine-year strategic plan called From 12 to 21: Our Way Forward. This comprehensive plan addresses five environmental forces, or drivers, we believed would affect and shape our organization for the foreseeable future. Our drivers are:

  • Growing complexity and diversity in plan design and administration
  • Evolving demographics and expectations for services among clients
  • Increasing importance of information and process management as a core competency
  • Rising stakeholder value expectations
  • Shifting workforce characteristics

From 12 to 21: Our Way Forward aims to transform not what we do, but how we do it. It describes a future state that supports high service levels and value through better technology and improved business processes, and creates an environment where staff can thrive. As we move through our plan, we continue to fulfill our purpose, realize our direction and demonstrate our commitment to investing in our people.

Also imbedded in our transformation plan are deliberate and well-planned sub-strategies and tactics to strengthen the organization from within. We knew we could not achieve the transformation without fully mature internal business functions including leadership and governance; planning; process and project management; a strong focus on the customer experience; people engagement; and excellence in how we work with our partners and suppliers.

And so, our strategy is both a plan for business transformation—changing how we work and serve our stakeholders—as well as a path for internal organizational excellence. It is our very own, made in and made for BC Pension Corporation excellence journey.

We are profoundly proud of our organization and what we have accomplished.