2016 CAE Recipient Profile - Canadian Forces Housing Agency

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Canadian Forces Housing Agency 

Excellence Journey 

The Canadian Forces Housing Agency (CFHA), a Special Operating Agency of the Department of National Defence (DND), manages DND’s residential accommodation portfolio of over 12,000 homes and provides housing services for members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and their families. The policy on government housing aims for fairness and equity for all CAF families, regardless of where they choose to live, whether in the private sector or DND housing. Every year during the active posting season (typically from mid-June to early September), CFHA helps thousands of CAF members and their families move into or out of military housing. Homes are allocated based on household size and on a first-come, first-served basis that is not driven by rank or position. Rental revenues are reinvested into the housing program. 

The Agency employs approximately 280 federal public servants, along with one or two military members. The majority of employees are located at Housing Services Centres on CAF Bases and Wings across Canada and are in direct contact with the occupants in our homes. The remaining employees (approximately one-third) are located at CFHA’s Head Office in Ottawa.  

Over the past 20 years, CFHA has worked hard to earn its strong reputation for exceptional customer service, professionalism and passion in improving the quality of life for its occupants. It has accomplished this through sustained improvement efforts that were guided by Excellence Canada’s organizational excellence certification program. A commitment to excellence was first articulated in the inaugural Strategic Plan 2005-2009. Since then, CFHA has achieved progressive levels of certification, first for the Progressive Excellence Program for the Federal Public Service and Healthy Workplace frameworks, and then the integrated Excellence Innovation and Wellness (EIW) Standard that replaced them. In 2014, CFHA achieved EIW Bronze and Silver Level certification and used the noted opportunities to inform improvement planning. CFHA’s most recent achievements include Gold Level certification for the Excellence, Innovation and Wellness (EIW) Standard for Canada and a Canada Award for Excellence®. 

Excellence Canada’s drivers of excellence are well aligned with the Government of Canada’s priorities in terms of efficient service delivery, management excellence, innovation and healthy workplace. By implementing the EIW Standard, CFHA evolved its business line accordingly and was therefore well-positioned to meet the Government and the Department’s expectations years before they were formally established. 

CFHA’s excellence journey will never end, as there will always be something to further enhance operations, customer service and relations with employees, partners and stakeholders. We will continue to celebrate the efforts and dedication of employees and invest in their development, and to work with stakeholders and partners in the exemplary delivery of housing program. Strong senior leadership support and the demonstrated engagement of people at all levels have moved us much closer to CFHA’s vision to “… excel in providing the Canadian Armed Forces with wide-ranging, innovative accommodation solutions”.