2016 CAE Recipient Profile - Property Valuation Services Corporation (PVSC)

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Property Valuation Services Corporation (PVSC)A Vision for Excellence 

Established in 2007, Property Valuation Services Corporation (PVSC) is an independent, not-for-profit organization funded by Nova Scotia’s 51 municipalities. 

PVSC is responsible for valuing all real property in Nova Scotia, approximately 600,000 properties, on an annual basis. Each year, PVSC provides an assessment roll to municipalities, which is used to calculate property taxes, and delivers property assessment notices to every Nova Scotia property owner. PVSC also provides a range of services to municipalities that enable better property related information exchange and delivery to stakeholders. 

PVSC is dedicated to continuous improvement, quality services and sound people and business practices, at all levels. Our long-term vision is to be a world class leader of market valuation and integrated property services, recognized for excellence – in our people, products and our business. 

PVSC was the first property valuation jurisdiction in North America to achieve International Property Tax Institute (IPTI) Certification, for excellence in property valuation, and is also Great Place to Work® Certified. 

People Focused 

Our people are fundamental in achieving excellence across our business. We strive to attract, develop and retain highly motivated leaders, at all levels of the organization, with a passion for learning and continuous improvement, and who share the following PVSC values: 

  • Engages employees, partners and stakeholders in achieving success
  • Encourages openness and transparency
  • Demonstrates individual and corporate accountability for results
  • Fosters innovation and progressive thinking
  • Respects diverse ideas, opinions and people
  • Is committed to service excellence
  • Nurtures leadership at all levels 

We use a distinct set of leadership competencies as the foundation for our recruitment and people development efforts. We also have an active internal forum in place as a venue to share insights and ideas related to leadership across the organization, with 65% of employees participating. Employees are encouraged to play a leadership role in improvement efforts through involvement in our employee advisory committee or by responding to regular postings for special project or “stretch” assignments. By developing leadership at all levels, we know that our people and our clients will be supported both now and in the future.


Our Journey to Excellence 

As a newly established corporation, we set out a vision to create a people and client focused culture and assessment business that would be recognized worldwide for excellence. The first step was to put in place the building blocks of core values, systems, processes and technologies to enable best practices in our industry. 

With a strong foundation in place, we were able to identify opportunities to improve and innovate through employee engagement, relationship building, process improvement and leveraging leading edge technologies. In an effort to assess and continuously improve our core business, we then partnered with IPTI, international experts in the field of property assessment and taxation, to undertake a comprehensive review of our assessment practices. The review included in-depth examination and scrutiny of our policies, processes, and procedures, measuring our performance against international best practices. It was a great accomplishment to become the first ever IPTI certified assessment organization. At the same time, we wanted to understand our strengths and opportunities related to our people and culture, which resulted in our Great Place to Work® certification. 

Today, through our commitment to excellence, we have a highly engaged workforce, have improved the quality of our products, and have expanded our value added services to municipalities - all while maintaining a flat budget for the past six years. Our focus is now on continuing to integrate excellence into all aspects of our business while further expanding our services. The timing was right to engage Excellence Canada to conduct an enterprise-wide review through an Excellence, Innovation and Wellness lens, to assist us in creating an excellence road map and framework to guide our continued efforts toward achieving our long-term vision.