Application Process

Ready to apply for the Canada Awards for Excellence? Have what it takes to become an award recipient in your industry? We look forward to hearing from your organization.

Prior to applying, organizations must complete a full organizational self-assessment against the CAE Criteria. Although the focus of this assessment is on applying for recognition under the CAE program, its outcome is also helpful for an organization that believes it has reached a high level of effectiveness. The assessment, being comprehensive and highly detailed, helps to confirm organizational strengths and, through developing action plans on any key gaps noted in the Assessment Report, assists in promoting a sustained focus on quality.

When an organization conducts a full assessment against the Criteria, a score of over 500 points may indicate a winner at some level! Excellence Canada has introduced Gold, Silver, and Bronze levels.


Application Process at a Glance

1. Study the Entry Guide

2. Conduct your Organizational Self-Assessment

3. Decide if you wish to apply

4. Submit “Intent to Apply” Form, in PDF or MS Word format

5. Prepare your Submission Package

6. Send in Package by April 30th each year.


If your organization is forward thinking, embraces excellence in everything it does and is committed to strengthening your industry position, you very well may be one of the CAE recipients in the upcoming year. Its companies like this that can help guide the rest as we all make a concentrated effort to raise the profile of Canadian competitiveness in the global economic environment.


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