Canada Awards for Excellence Testimonials

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We enjoyed sharing our quality journey with Excellence Canada again this year. The process and site verification visit were very rewarding and reaffirmed the benefits and results of our continuous focus on continuously raising the bar in the areas of leadership, planning and processes, as well as, resident, staff and supplier/partner satisfaction, programs and services. This focus has helped make and demonstrate, that Diversicare Canada is “best in class” for quality.
Millie Christie, Director, Human Resources and Labour Relations, Diversicare Canada Management Services Co., Inc. (June 2015)


Achieving CAE recognition has greatly assisted our organization to develop a culture of compassion, support and innovation. It has placed a big enough goal before us that has kept our dream of building a world class organization alive. What deep gratitude has captured all of our hearts for the tremendous direction and wisdom that has come from Excellence Canada. We can now be recognized as world class and proud of it as a result of our association with Excellence Canada.
Dr. Hugh Drouin, Commissioner of Social Services Department, The Regional Municipality of Durham (June 2015)


Awards and recognition are important but the end game is adding value to the company and bringing a stronger focus to the things that will give clear direction and a more dynamic organization. The Excellence Canada model highlights areas that are critical in moving a company to a higher level and its three pillars of continuous improvement, wellness and innovation strengthens the foundation and creates a great platform for building a stronger company.
Jim Beattie, Senior Advisor to CEO, EthoSolar Inc. (July 2015)



At Toronto East General Hospital, we are committed to setting a new standard in quality and value. Participating in the Canada Awards for Excellence is an important aspect of our journey and demonstrates our focus on quality patient care and maintaining a healthy work environment. Achieving the second Order of Excellence in Quality & Healthy Workplace is an accomplishment that are staff, physicians and volunteers are exceedingly proud of. We thank Excellence Canada for their ongoing support.
Wolf Klassen, VP Program Support, Toronto East General Hospital – June 2014



It’s all about the process. The application process energized everyone to better focus on our collective mission, how well our daily operations foster that mission, and how well we measure our success in achieving that mission.
Anne Wilcock, Chief Operating Officer, Histovet Surgical Pathology – September 2013


This prestigious award recognizes the importance of focusing and creating great workplaces where everyone can be the best they can be.
Sandra Smith, VP People Services & Organizational Development, CHRO, North York General Hospital - 2013


The Excellence framework provides a path to ensure major elements in managing an organization are reviewed and addressed. Excellence Canada representatives provide a positive environment and experience that can aid in a culture shift to embrace this important framework. It’s always a joy working with Excellence Canada.
Kevin Braun, Director Quality and Planning, Ricoh Canada Inc. - 2013


“The trophy and certificate displayed prominently in our office, serve not only as an acknowledgement of our past success, but also constantly remind us that we must continue to innovate and strive for excellence.”
Quartz Imaging Corporation - 1997 CAE recipient
“The experience was positive and uplifting. The report was thorough, encouraging and constructive and is being followed as a road map for our continuing journey”.
Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital - 1997 CAE recipient
“The Canada Awards for Excellence is a validation of our significant effort. We will use the Award as a means of further increasing customer confidence in the high quality service we can provide”.
Telus - BC Operator Services - 1999 CAE recipient
“Throughout the process we gained an even greater understanding of our organization. The application process allows an opportunity to see your organization from many angles.”
Neill and Gunter - 1999 Certificate of Merit recipient
“The National Quality Institute provided us with the tools to evaluate where we were and provided input on where we wanted to go and how to get there. As a result of this partnership, the BC Transplant Society developed better coordination of care by the use of process maps; improved the vast majority of quality indicators; enhanced staff competency in resolving problems and developing new and innovative programs to meet our patients’ needs; and, last but definitely not least, we were awarded a Canada Awards for Excellence, recognizing our accomplishments.”
Bill Barrable, Chief Executive Officer, British Columbia Transplant Society - 2000 CAE recipient
This was very worthwhile for us. Not only were we able to objectively look at our processes and improve upon them, but our ability to work as a team was greatly enhanced”.
BC Transplant Society - 2000 CAE recipient
“Receiving this award shows Canadians that the hospitality industry in Canada is truly world-class”. “Our initial goal was to receive external validation of our efforts and determine our course of action for continued improvements. News that we had successfully achieved the privilege of receiving site visits spread throughout the company with an immense sense of pride and accomplishment.”
William Pallett, Sr. Vice President, People and Quality, Delta Hotels - 2000 CAE recipient
“Aeronautical and Technical Services is very honoured to be the first federal government agency to receive the NQI Canada Awards for Excellence. Natural Resources Canada has a tradition of actively encouraging excellence and the pursuit of quality management. The corporate support is essential to our continued success. Winning this recognition has challenged the organization to redouble its efforts to move to the next level. Adopting the NQI Framework as a way to manage our business has changed the way we look at what we do and how we do it.
Aeronautical and Technical Services - 2000 CAE Recipient
"I must say that we took more out of the assessment then we expected - and we expected a lot. Everyone is still talking about it and we have already begun working on your recommendations. What an energizing process this was!"
Real Bergevin, President, Nucomm International – 2005 CAE Recipient
Thank you very much for the wonderful news. Our staff are very excited and appreciative. We're looking forward to October. We all appreciate our involvement with the NQI: it has made us a better organization and raised the bar for achievement.
Cameron Little, MD, LLB, FRCPC, Registrar and CEO College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia – 2007 CAE Recipient
The rigor of the assessment process and subsequent preparation of the submission is a valuable experience in terms of identifying organizational gaps and highlighting organizational strengths. Winning an award is a terrific honour and gives people a tremendous sense of shared accomplishment, but really it is an outcome of the hard work and dedication of employees and supports our overall vision for what we want to achieve and the type of company we want to be.
David Barnes, VP Communications, American Express - 2008
With so much focus on marks in education today, NQI and CAE provided us with a big picture framework within which to create our truly excellent school. Receiving the Order of Merit has brought our school to the forefront of education, increased our enrollment and allowed us to develop significant partnerships with both the private and public sector. The Award also provides important recognition to all of our staff who put forth such an amazing effort on behalf of our students. Our involvement with NQI and CAE has had a significant impact on the quality of education and the results at Vincent Massey Public School.
Carol Hunter, Principal, Vincent Massey Public School - 2008
At Toronto East General Hospital the pursuit of quality and service excellence combined with the highest standards for a healthy workplace environment are critical to our success. We regularly establish stretch goals which are designed to create a culture of continuous improvement. We believe that through external validation we hold ourselves accountable for excellence. Our quality journey with NQI has allowed us to continuously strive to improve and at the same time to be recognized for our accomplishments.
Wolf Klassen, VP Program Support, Toronto East General Hospital - 2010
Our company was very proud to revisit the Canada Awards for Excellence through the National quality Institute. The process allowed us to engage all of our staff, and remind them what Quality means to Mullen Trucking, and why we are so proud to be recognized within the NQI as a recipient of such a great honour. We were pleased to get the opportunity to revisit all of our Quality principles and benchmark them against the NQI’s criteria. It was a great experience for all of our staff to revisit how and why we take so much pride in our Company. It will be a great privilege to once again be honoured with a recognition from the NQI!
Elisabeth Kelley, Director of Quality and Human Resources, Mullen Trucking LP - 2010
Since receiving the CAE recognition, we found our relationship with our customers (member REALTORS®) and with staff have excelled with a new greater understanding of each other. We are very proud of achieving such recognition and we are very committed to continuously improve in all of our key processes.
Brad Scott, Chief Operating Officer,Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver - 2010
The overall process of working towards a quality organization has improved the morale and pride of all staff. Staff expectations of what makes an organization a great place to work have been raised through their team work, dedication and sense of empowerment. They only want the best for the college and are willing to work very hard to achieve excellence.
Dawne Miller, Project Manager, College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia - 2010
Gathering the necessary data, focusing our corporate energies, and actually writing the application was a stimulus to formally document the elements of our quality culture. Some companies might undertake this to gain marketing advantage from the award. We did it exclusively to get an external measure of our quality system.
Dr. Anne Wilcock, Chief Operating Officer, Histovet Surgical Pathology - 2010
External validation of an organization’s efforts is a terrific way of demonstrating excellence outside of our “usual” peer group. Excellence Canada does a terrific job in conducting the verification and recognizing organizations across the country.
Karen Prokopec, Manager of OPS Ideas & Innovations, Ontario Ministry of Government Services - 2011
One of the more important goals in our strategic plan is to model organizational excellence within our division. Achieving CAE recognition has helped to demonstrate our commitment to excellence to our staff, customers and other organizations. Aside from the recognition we receive, our journey towards excellence has driven major improvements in all aspects of our business. The high standard of service we deliver has been recognized by our customers as evidence in the excellent satisfaction ratings we receive and the high score we obtain in our customer surveys. Another side benefit that we have enjoyed has been a more engaged and happier staff, who are much more creative and productive.
Nick Stea, Director, Project Management Centre of Excellence, Ontario Ministry of Government Services - 2011
As a Centre for Organizational Excellence we are a proponent of business excellence standards, principles and criteria and build the intent of excellence into many of our practice areas (e.g. strategic planning, business transformation, business process excellence, service excellence, innovation, employee engagement and project management). Achieving recognition reinforces our commitment to achieving, modeling and working within the parameters of the standards we believe in.
Cathie Salyn, Senior Consultant – Business Transformation Office, Ontario Ministry of Government Services - 2011
Any organization interested in establishing stretch goals for continuous quality improvement should participate in Excellence Canada’s Progressive Excellence Program. The standardized criteria are practical and relevant, offering a clear path for change that can be easily transitioned into action plans. Working with Excellence Canada has reminded us to celebrate our strengths and enhanced our framework for improvement planning.
Anita Keyes, Risk Management Consultant, Saint Elizabeth - 2012
Successful use of the excellence Canada framework has created a positive shift in culture for our organization that includes continuous quality improvement and a healthy workplace. Although we started with an internal focus on quality we now have developed a Regulatory Excellence Framework that affects not only our organization but the work that we do with the public, members and stakeholders. We are in a wonderful position to influence others.
Julie Gregg, Chair, Quality Council, College of Registered Nurses of Nova Scotia - 2012
We are very proud to be a part of Excellence Canada - Canadian Awards of Excellence. The process has significantly impacted our target areas where improvement was needed. We highly recommend that other organizations become involved with Canada Awards for Excellence. Our excellence journey has certainly contributed to the continuous improvement of Ontario Parks.
Tom Mates, Park Supervisor, Presqu'ile Provincial Park, Ontario Parks, Ministry of Natural Resources - 2012
The staff at Excellence Canada are extremely helpful. The process in applying right through to the verification process is seamless! The Canada Awards for Excellence (CAE) recognition validates and reinforces to staff, partners, and the community that our organization is one of excellence and we are proud to be part of the CAE family.
Melissa Simas, Human Resources Manager, Windsor Regional Hospital - 2012
It is very beneficial to us to have outside validation of our CQI Programme and assists us in confirming that we are on the right track. We consider this to be a prestigious award and one that was not given lightly. We feel that it has set us apart in our industry as the company that has consistently achieved the highest standards.
Anne Walton, V.P. Operations, Diversicare Canada Management Services Co., Inc. - 2012
Canada Awards for Excellence recognition verifies that your organization recognizes that the backbone and the future of any organization lie within the staff. If the staff members are not committed, confident and competent, the output of the organization will be jeopardized. Meeting the Canada excellence very balanced standards certainly paves the road to a healthy happy workforce. Over time it becomes embedded in the culture of the workforce.
Catherine Power, CEO, Seaview Manor Corporation - 2012
Saint Elizabeth has achieved uncommon growth and social innovation because of the ideas, passion and commitment of its staff. Excellence Canada’s Mental Health and Wellness program fits extremely well with our efforts to continuously empower support and recognize staff.
Shirlee Sharkey, President & CEO, Saint Elizabeth Health Care - 2012