Excellence Canada certifies organizations and individuals as they become role-models for excellent performance.

Organizational Certification

Canada Awards for Excellence - Standards and Requirements

Excellence, Innovation and Wellness®
Healthy Workplace®
Mental Health at Work®

As organizations accomplish each of the four successive levels of any one standard, they make a submission to have their progress verified and certified by Excellence Canada. When successfully certified at the second, third, and fourth levels, organizations are qualified to receive Canada Awards for Excellence Silver, Gold, and Platinum Awards.


Essentials Programs

Excellence Essentials
Healthy Workplace® Essentials
Mental Health at Work® Essentials

Essentials are offered as foundational programs to help introduce small and medium-sized organizations to the principles and benefits of continual quality improvement, healthy workplaces, and mental health through a one year work plan. Upon satisfying the requirements, a submission is made and Excellence Canada verifies the progress and certifies the successful organizations. 


Individual Certification

Certified Excellence Professional® Program (CEP)

Excellence Canada offers a certification program for individuals who wish to be recognized for their expertise in implementing the Excellence, Innovation and Wellness standard. Covering a comprehensive curriculum of quality, healthy workplace, process, and leadership tools, this program has made a significant impact on hundreds of organizations throughout Canada. Individuals develop and apply new skills in leadership, planning, customer focus, people focus, Healthy Workplace®, process management, and supplier/partner focus while helping their employers implement the standards and sustain improvements.