Certified Excellence Professional® Curriculum

The Certified Excellence Professional® (CEP) Curriculum consists of 8 in-class courses, the completion of a reflective assignment, and the completion of a comprehensive exam.

Enrollment is $2,500 for 1 individual, or $10,000 for a team of five employees. All partnership discounts are applicable.

 Curriculum (All Required)

CEP-01: Excellence in… A Strategic Approach to Quality, Innovation and Wellness

Provides participants with a clear understanding of the scope and intent of Excellence Canada's Excellence Innovation and Wellness Standard (EIW).  It outlines a practical method for implementation, and introduces an approach to assessing your organization against the Excellence Standard. 

CEP-02: Excellence in… Current State Process Mapping 

Describes the methodology to docum ent the flow of a process from inputs to outputs and to provide a focal point from which to analyze opportunities for improvement. 

CEP-03: Excellence in… Root Cause Analysis 

Examines employee-friendly tools for root cause analysis that help to eliminate process problems and gaps

 CEP-04: Excellence in… Employee Happiness 

Practical ways to improve employee satisfaction, engagement, and morale. 

CEP-05: Excellence in… Recognition and People Involvement Strategies

Incorporates academic theory around employee motivation to help build better strategic recognition. 

CEP-06: Excellence in… Partner and Supplier Focus

Explores how to identify key partners and suppliers. Outlines methods to help selecting partners and suppliers, as well as measuring their effectiveness.  

CEP-07: Excellence in… Strategy and Planning 

A strategic plan starts with the vision and ends with the scheduled implementation plan. This course outlines practical tools, concepts, and techniques to make planning as strategic as possible. 

CEP-08: Excellence in… Customer Experience 

Provides you with an understanding of how to measure the customer experience. We will look at who the customer is for your organization and how we identify them. We also explore and map the service experience from the customer’s point of view.   

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