Human Resources

Keep up to date on current issues in ethics, human resources management, legal compliance and employment laws with the Human Resources Development curriculum. Learn how to develop an ethical corporate culture in your organization, motivate and improve the performance of your employees, and stay on the right side of the laws that regulate your workplace.

• 360 Feedback: Implementation
• 360 Feedback: Overview
• Basics of Performance Appraisal
• Career Development
• Career Path Management
• Career Planning: Networking
• Coaching for Improved Performance
• Creating 'Brand You'
• Interviewing Skills
• Negotiating and Starting Right
• ADR and Negotiations
• ADR Commercial Arbitration
• ADR Labor and Employment Arbitration
• ADR Mediation
• ADR Summary Jury Trial and Mini-Trial
• An Effective Approach to Discipline
• Building Diverse Teams
• Litigation and Dispute Resolution
• Methods of Discipline
• Overview of Cafeteria Plans
• The Family and Medical Leave Act
• Using ADR to Settle Disputes
• Business Ethics for Managers
• Business Ethics for Employees