Certification Process

Each of the Canada Awards for Excellence Standards and Frameworks has four levels of certification during implementation: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each level requires the demonstration of a progressively deeper and broader commitment to excellence and resulting improvement as outlined in the associated requirements.

Certification Steps:

  • As each level is achieved, the organization will complete an internal self-assessment against the related requirements. This action serves as a basis for a submission. A self-assessment template and Guide covering each level are included in the Implementation package
  • If the self-assessment signifies that the organization has achieved the targets outlined in the requirements, and a good rating is achieved, it is encouraged to apply for certification at that level.

Certification is valid for two years, at which time the organization is encouraged to advance to the next level. However, recertification at the same level is also possible. Organizations that successfully achieve Certification at the Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels may also apply for national recognition through the Canada Awards for Excellence Program.
If an organization wishes to have training in self-assessment techniques, or obtain in-house help with its assessment from Excellence Canada’s professional coaches, call us for details at 1-800-263-9648 ext. 233.
On-Site Verification:

Excellence Canada’s on-site verification occurs when, following comprehensive review of a submission, a conclusion is reached by Excellence Canada verifiers that a site visit is warranted. Receiving a site verification visit is, in itself, a commendable achievement. On-site verification is not an assessment but rather a verification exercise to expand on key strengths of a submission, and identify best practices, as well as any opportunities for improvement.
Prior to the site visit, all employees will be asked to complete an on-line staff survey conducted by Excellence Canada.

The focus of the on-site verification exercise is to verify and expand on key selected positive elements of a submission. It includes:

  • A one or two day on-site exercise of submission validation for those organizations, or units within organizations, that have applied for certification.
  • The Verifiers will conduct face-to-face discussions of about 90 minutes each with cross-functional focus groups of up to 20 people from:
    • the senior leadership team
    • members of mid-level management
    • front line employees
    • suppliers/partners
  • A facility tour (if applicable)

The Verification Team presents its findings to the Adjudication Committee for review. The applicant organization is advised in writing regarding the decision about certification.

For further information, we encourage you to email the Manager of the Canada Awards for Excellence Awards and Certification Programs at awards@excellence.ca or phone 1-800-263-9648 ext. 233.