How to Apply for Excellence Canada Certification

Has your organization made a firm commitment to improve its processes and business practices? Then you are ready to apply for Excellence Canada Certification.
If you are applying for certification and CAE recognition, download the 2018 CAE Intent to Apply Form. PDF or MS Word file.
Click here to view the key dates and deadlines.
Note: There are no deadlines in applying for the Bronze certification.


Prior to the Submission

  • Using the Guide (for reference) and the Self-Assessment worksheets, conduct an internal assessment before making a submission to any Level of the program. This will help decide if the organization is ready to make a submission, and, if a good rating is achieved, assist the organization in developing its submission. When doing an assessment, it is very beneficial to obtain input from people in all functions, and all levels of the organization.
  • Attach the self-assessment results to the submission (e.g., identify strengths, opportunities, and a score for each of the Requirements).


Preparing the Submission

  • Profile: Briefly describe the organization in one or two pages, and attach an organization chart.
  • Scope: Describe whether or not this is an organizational-wide submission or whether it is only for a single unit within the organization, e.g., a department.
  • Contacts: Include the address of the organization, a contact name, phone and fax numbers, and an email address.
  • Respond to each of the Requirements:
  • Outline your actions and achievements by responding to all the Requirements of the Level for which the submission is being made. If this is the first time the organization has applied for a Level, and it is applying for more than just Bronze (e.g., Silver), then the organization must answer all Requirements at both the Bronze and Silver Levels (e.g., you cannot skip a level). The organization will be assessed against all Requirements up to and including the Level for which the submission is being made.
  • Forms are provided for the actual application. Keep the same headings and in the same sequence as the Requirements, i.e., re-state the Requirement and then respond to it underneath. Be brief when responding to each Requirement statement. Try to use brief key statements or points that will give Excellence Canada Verifiers the opportunity to review specifics. Use the probe points in the Guide to assist you in determining the types of things Verifiers are looking for.
  • It is imperative to give real examples of what you do in practice to meet the Requirements.
  • Attach supporting documentation with the submission as appendices, e.g., attach mission statement, sample newsletters, survey results, etc.
  • Attach your own self-assessment results to the submission (e.g., identify strengths, opportunities, and a score for each of the Requirement statements).


Glossary of Terms
If acronyms are used in the submission, please attach a glossary of terms.


Size of Submission
Try not to exceed 30 pages for the actual submission (any specific documentation included as an appendix to the submission is additional). A good rule is to prepare no more than 1-2 pages for each Requirement statement.


Fees for Excellence Canada Certification Programs

For further information, please contact the Manager, Certification & Awards Programs at or 1-800-263-9648 ext 233.