Does Your Organization Need Help to Improve Its Performance?

Does Your Organization Need Help to Improve Its Performance?

Excellence Canada can assist your organization to improve performance by providing a principle-driven, criteria-based way to implement organizational excellence that permeates all of our products, tools and services.

Through the use of Excellence Canada's tools, certification, training and consulting and by taking advantage of the special offers given to Partners in Excellence, you can begin to improve the performance of your organization today.

To get started, please explore the options below, or contact us for further information.


By becoming a Partner in Excellence, you will unlock the door to endless possibilities for organizational improvement.

Excellence Canada offers various levels of partnership to match the needs of all organizations. The benefits are substantial in the form of cost savings, networking, and access to tools and information.


Training & Consulting

We believe that all companies, large and small, have the capacity to positively impact their working environments with the right tools. Excellence Canada has spent almost twenty years developing a diverse curriculum of training courses that can unlock the talent and potential in your employees and processes.



Excellence Canada offers two important, comprehensive programs for certification in organizational excellence: one for organizations, and one for individuals. Together, they address the most pressing needs of companies throughout Canada to improve performance, achieve growth targets and stay consistent with corporate objectives.


Excellence Tools

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