What is EIW?

EWIcircleThe Excellence, Innovation and Wellness® Standard (EIW) is an integrated quality-based management system, based on a holistic strategic framework that ensures organizations achieve the best possible outcomes across all business drivers, including Leadership, Planning, Customers, People, and Processes.

Where did EIW come from?

Over the past 25 years, Excellence Canada’s subject matter experts and community of corporate partners have invested millions of dollars and tens of thousands of hours researching, developing, implementing, and improving this globally-benchmarked Canadian standard for organizational excellence. This evolution has produced the Excellence, Innovation and Wellness® Standard,which equals or exceeds similar international frameworks including the Malcolm Baldrige Award in the United States, the EFQM Award in Europe, the Deming Prize in Australasia and Japan, and ISO 9001:2015. Excellence Canada’s methodology, coaching, and training services support and guide organizations through this uniquely Canadian four-level progressive implementation and certification model.
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What is EIW certification?

EIWtrophyThird-party validation of your organization’s success by Excellence Canada is a powerful tool for demonstrating your commitment to excellence to customers, employees, and other important stakeholders. Certification at each progressive level is comprised of a detailed submission, a related survey, a detailed review of the submission against the requirements, and an on-site verification visit with focus groups that requires 1 to 4 days, depending on the size and complexity of the organization. The verification team includes certified Excellence Canada Lead Verifiers who control the entire process. The result is certification by the Canada Awards for Excellence adjudication committee. Progression to the next level or recertification is required every two years.

Why do corporate leaders rely on EIW?

The following are some of the attributes that organizations pursuing the EIW Standard enjoy:

  • Meeting or exceeding customer requirements consistently
  • Strong relationships with customers, partners, and suppliers
  • Timely complaint resolution and collaboration for ongoing improvement
  • Culture of innovation to improve the customer and employee experience
  • Trust in leadership
  • Health and well-being of employees, leading to high engagement and delighted customers
  • Continual improvement culture that exceeds “compliance only” practices
  • Best-in-class performance

The result of achieving EIW certification is peace of mind for customers and confidence that consistent quality of goods and services is built-in at all levels of the supplying organization…and more!

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What next?

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Comparison of ISO 9001:2015 to EIW




“Archmill House chose to pursue and achieve Excellence Canada's EIW (Excellence, Innovation and Wellness) standard this year.  We reviewed the EIW standard compared with the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award (MBNQA) and ISO 9001:2015.  Our conclusion is that the way Excellence Canada builds into its structure requirements relating to people, partners and innovation ensures the requirements for process excellence are sustainable.”

Marcus Abernethie
Q.A. Manager, Archmill House Inc.

M. Abernathie

“The purpose of launching the EIW standard was to develop an enterprise-wide (organization) approach for Quality including: Documentation, a strong focus on the Customer, and Process Improvement.  The standard calls to assess the effectiveness of our improvements by leveraging internal and external verifications. This is instrumental in understanding the impact of improvements within our organization.”

Kevin Braun
Director, Quality and Services Support, Ricoh Canada Inc.

K. Braun

“The EIW Standard provides us with a common language for embedding excellence, innovation and wellness principles and processes in decision-making at all levels. We are better able to integrate the many initiatives that we're already undertaking under a corporate strategy, identifying what is working well and what opportunities exist for improvement. It allows us to use a consistent framework to inspire excellence through our policies, principles and practices.”

Dr. Marilyn Thompson
Associate Provost Human Resources, University of Waterloo

M. Thompson

“Since the Excellence, Innovation and Wellness Standard integrated both organizational excellence and the health and well-being of employees (via Canada's National Standard on Mental Health), we decided to take this route and seek certification through Excellence Canada. We still use some principles from ISO 9000.
The requirements (ISO and EIW) are very similar but the EIW was more flexible in how we could interpret the requirements to fit in with our organization.”

Stephanie Shirley
Quality Manager – IETS Natural Resources Canada, Government of Canada

S. Shirley

“Having achieve the Gold level certification against the EIW Standard, we are convinced that it made us a better organization. We researched all of the global Standards before choosing to pursue Excellence Canada's EIW Framework as we were, and continue to be, convinced that it is the most complete and comprehensive roadmap to building a world-class company.”

Mark Henderson
Executive Vice-President and COO, PowerStream Inc.

M. Henderson

“We started our Quality journey  in 2000 with our ISO registration and what complimented and provided us with a more holistic program was the framework that the Quality standard offered and what the current EIW standard offers today. It has guided our thinking and provides us with a frame of reference linking value added principles to daily work. The framework gives us the tools to help build the quality culture.
I would agree the EC standard is an equivalent to ISO and then some.”

Mary Tonkovic
Director, Operations Support Purolator

M. Tonkovic

“The EIW Standard addresses quality, wellness (including occupational health and safety, and psychological health) as well as innovation. This Standard provides organizations with one Standard that meets a broad spectrum of requirements in one document. ISO has developed many standards for individual areas which creates the need for organizations to address many separate requirements individually.
Both standards are sound standards and are typically assessed by third parties adding credibility and value to related certifications.”

Malcolm J. Phipps
former Director of Registration for QMI

M. Phipps

“As a Canadian technology innovator who is growing rapidly, we chose Excellence Canada for a number of reasons. Chief among these was the robustness of the EIW framework that ensures we’re critically looking at the core dimensions of our business, but also that it had the flexibility required as we continue to grow and change. Further, the EIW Standard puts the wellness of our people at the heart of its success. This completely aligns to Ceridian’s values and focus, and remains a core reason why we continue to employ the Standard ongoing.”

Daniel O’Rourke, VP Strategy Enablement,
Corporate Strategy and Development,
Ceridian HCM Canada

D. O'Rourke

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