About Training and Consulting

About Training and Consulting

Excellence Canada offers a number of dynamic, interactive training programs to unleash standards of excellence in any organization.


We believe that all companies, large and small, have the capacity to positively impact their working environments with the right tools. Excellence Canada has spent almost twenty years developing a diverse curriculum of training courses that can unlock the talent and potential in your employees and processes.

With in-house, public, or online training, Excellence Canada has options to meet every need, budget and time constraint. Excellence Canada offers training courses in Quality, Healthy Workplace®, Leadership, Customer Service, Process Management, Organizational Quality & Healthy Workplace® and many other areas

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Does your organization need help in planning for your excellence journey, focused on Excellence Canada's quality and/or Healthy Workplace® Criteria?

Excellence Canada’s Certified Coaches can help with planning to get you started and to keep you going in the most effective way possible.


Benchmark Assessments

Why conduct this assessment?
By conducting a Canada Awards for Excellence Benchmark Assessment you will be comparing the state of your organization’s “excellence” to an internationally benchmarked standard, reflecting the practices of organizations that have achieved the Canada Awards for Excellence.

For Award winners, this will give you an updated assessment of excellence in your organization against hundreds of other organizations that have achieved the Canada Awards for Excellence. You will work closely with experienced, certified experts who will assist you in evaluating your performance against the Canada Awards for Excellence Requirements, focusing on your key priorities and challenges.

Minimal preparation is required and actionable feedback is immediate. This on-site assessment offers an objective perspective of your key processes and associated results, benchmarked against top performing organizations in Canada.