Online Learning

Online Learning

Using online training, your company can learn more about a wider diversity of topics in a shorter amount of time, and for less expense.

Over the past fifteen years, the web has revolutionized the education process for everyone. It has made it more efficient, affordable, interactive and less expensive to administer. 

Excellence Canada has fully embraced the latest web technology to bring you the very best training courses to address your most pressing organizational challenges.

When you purchase any of the Excellence Canada Online Learning courses you will receive instant access for 30-90 days.


Excellence Canada E-learning vs. Webinars

Excellence Canada distinguishes between two types of online courses: e-learning and webinars.  

  • E-learning courses are offered in partnership with Vubiz Ltd., and reflect a self-learning approach. 

View a full list of e-learning courses.

  •  Webinars, on the other hand, are interactive seminars that introduce you to various aspects of our Framework for Excellence through short 1-hour presentations, or web-based versions of our most popular in-class courses (Participant's Manual included!). We offer these in a live and/or pre-recorded format. 

View our online training calendar to view our live webinars.

View a full list of of pre-recorded webinars.

Benefits of Excellence Canada Online Learning

  • People can access e-learning anywhere, anytime

  • Instant access. You will be assigned a username and password that can be used instantly

  • Lower per person-costs eg: cuts travel expenses, less time away from office

  • Excellence Canada Online Learning can reach an unlimited number of people virtually simultaneously