Introduction to Process Mapping Pre-Recorded Webinar

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Unit 1: Introduction to the Course (00:12:15)

Unit 2: What is a Process? (00:16:06)
- Thinking about Customer

Unit 3: Key Process (00:10:46)

Unit 4: Why Manage Processes? (00:08:40)

Unit 5: Orange Canning Factory Video

Unit 6: Process Mapping (00:34:06)

Unit 8:Review of Mapping Exercise (00:08:30)

Paper Airplane Part Two:
Paper Airplane Review:

Unit 9: Process Mapping for Improvement (00:18:00)

Unit 10 - Facilitating Process Mapping (00:18:12)

Unit 11 - 8 Balls R Us Role Play Exercise (00:27:33)
Introduce the Case:
Download of Completed Activity Process Map

Unit 12 - Analyzing Process Maps (00:08:36)
Analyze 8 Ball Case Study:

Unit 13 - Wrap Up/Review (00:17:13)

 Linkage to Excellence Canada Criteria and PEP (00:15:32)