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Group Training in Process Management

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The Certificate in Process Management program enables participants to master the skills required to improve strategically important processes.

The curriculum includes 7 modules that cover a specific pathway to achieve excellent results with process improvement.

Team Building

Effective process management is a strategic priority of world-class organizations. The success of these organizations is highly dependent on the ability of its individuals to build effective teams.

  • Increase your organizations productivity
  • Employees will learn new skills and build confidence as they progress through the modules, aligning their skills to their individual roles, business goals, and strategic objectives
  • Boost morale and job satisfaction as your team works towards a common goal
  • The more people from your organization that participate, the easier it is to create buy-in at all levels 

Learning Outcomes

Throughout the program, your team will collectively learn how to: 

  • Map processes at three-levels of detail
  • Analyze process maps for improvement
  • Understand customer requirements
  • Measure the customer experience
  • Link the needs of the customer with how these needs will be met by the organization using Quality Function Deployment (QFD)
  • Identify and close quality gaps
  • Identify, analyze, and eliminate the root cause of a problem
  • Effectively use process tracking tools and flow charts 


Module Number
Course Title

Module 1

Introduction to Process Improvement

Module 2

Current State Process Mapping

Module 3

Measuring Key Processes and The Customer Experience

Module 4

Root Cause Analysis

Module 5

Desired State Process Mapping

Module 6

Advanced Process Improvement Tools and Techniques

Module 7

Best Practices in Process Management

Choose your Delivery Method

Classroom: Enjoy peer interaction and face-to-face expert instruction.

Virtual: Save time and money with this no-travel option while still enjoying the benefits of live, instructor-led training.



Our group training packages present a highly cost-effective method for training your team: 





5 employees




Your team will be registered to attend our public series of the Certificate in Process Management courses. In addition to learning from each other, they will also enjoy the benefits of learning from participants from various organizations across Canada. 

Classroom delivery is currently available in Toronto and Ottawa. Virtual delivery available anywhere in Canada!






Up to 25 employees




Excellence Canada will facilitate the Certificate in Process Management series for up to 25 employees in your organization.  Moderate customizations are included to ensure the best learning experience for your team.

Classroom delivery is facilitated on-site at your organization, anywhere in Canada3.

Is your team spread out across Canada? Take advantage of our Virtual delivery option. Bring your team together without the travel costs.

1 Partnership discounts applicable.

2 Includes Governors’ Circle partnership. Current partners may upgrade to this level to achieve maximum cost savings using partnership credits.

3 Travel costs are additional.

What our clients are saying...

“The Social Services Department, in The Regional Municipality of Durham, has had a longstanding commitment for continuous improvements in quality service to our clients, families and residents. The Process Management certification has helped us with necessary quality improvement strategies and key process development for achieving high standards of service. The in-house group training, provided by Excellence Canada, has been an instrumental and valuable method for implementing what is learned and aligning it with our specific departmental programs and services.”

Tracey Tyner Cavanagh
Policy Advisor
Commissioner’s Office
Department of Social Services
The Regional Municipality of Durham

“Carleton’s Finance and Administration Division is on the Excellence journey through Excellence Canada, and in thinking about the Excellence, Innovation and Wellness Silver level, we needed to find a process methodology that put us all on the same page. The Certificate in Process Management was a great way to learn about all of the tools and available methods in process management, and at the same time, work towards a divisional certification.  Having Adam come to [our organization] allowed us to have a very ‘Carleton-specific’ discussion about the ways in which we work.

We started by certifying 21 people at Carleton who would then take their learnings and share it with their respective departments. The response has been great. Process Management isn’t something that has been top of mind for many of these folks, so merely being exposed to these ideas has the wheels turning. Many of our group members have their own particular projects on the go, and as the group [progressed through the various] tools, the discussion always came back to the tools’ application to the projects. As a Professional Development Officer, half of the battle in offering training is how to have participants implement their learnings, and in this case, it [happened] so quickly!

The training was very manageable in a sense that it was spread out over 7 [non-consecutive] days, [which] provided the participants with time to go away and apply the new skills they were learning.

Part of the ‘homework’ for the group was to map a key process in [their] department, and many of the participants have reported back with recommendations to improve many of the processes."

Rebecca Bowie
Professional Development Officer
Office of Quality Initiatives
Carleton University

“The Certificate of Process Management Program has been a wonderful experience! I have learned so much, and Adam is a fantastic teacher! Highly recommend this program to anyone interested in process management."

Stacey MacDonald
Program Support Coordinator
Office of the CAO
Region of Peel