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CanmetENERGY-Ottawa (Natural Resources Canada)

Récipiendaire – Or 2019
Excellence, Innovation et Mieux-être

CanmetENERGY-Ottawa is a world-respected team of professionals committed to leading the development of energy science and technology solutions for the environmental and economic benefit of Canadians. They perform research and development in the areas of clean fossil fuels, renewable and alternative energy, and reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in buildings, industry, and transportation.

One of CanmetENERGY-Ottawa’s key strengths on the road to Gold level certification in Excellence, Innovation & Wellness® is the support of the entire team. Through teamwork and employee engagement, they have been able to continually improve how they work. They have been able to address the areas that required improvement, with input from their employee-driven working groups. CanmetENERGY-Ottawa remains committed to focusing on improvement strategies and addressing gaps identified in their most recent Excellence Canada verification to continue their journey as an ‘excellent’ organization.


Ottawa, ON

200 employés

The Alternative Energy Lab (AEL) vegetable garden team displaying their talents and sharing their knowledge, and fruits of their labour, with employees.

“Achieving Gold in both the “Excellence Innovation and Wellness” and “Mental Health at Work” programs has been a great experience for CanmetENERGY-Ottawa. Working with the verification team was especially valuable, because it gave us a great opportunity to reflect on the progress that we have made as an organization since we achieved Silver and Bronze in the two programs, respectively. We are now reflecting on the feedback from the verification team so that we can make CanmetENERGY-Ottawa an even greater workplace.”

Dean Haslip, Directeur général, CanmetÉNERGIE-Ottawa

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Santé mentale au travail – Or, 2019 Bronze, 2017

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