Excellence Assessment

Excellence Assessment streamlines the certification process with the help of a Certified Lead Coach.

Assessment is an integral part of continuous improvement. The Excellence Assessment is a facilitated service led by a Certified Lead Coach. It is the best solution for organizations looking to fast track and streamline the certification process, and to learn about “best practices” in other Canada Awards for Excellence recipients organizations. It will also determine if you are eligible for national recognition.

An Excellence Assessment is a 2-3 day onsite or virtual exercise and includes a preliminary survey, documentation review, focus groups with horizontal layers of employees, meetings with functional leads, and facility tours, all led by an Excellence Canada Lead Assessor.


  • Identify your “best practices” against other organizations – ‘brag’ about what you are doing really well!
  • Learn how you can improve compared to “best practices” of Canada Awards for Excellence recipients
  • Receive national recognition at the Canada Awards for Excellence ceremonies without having to complete a detailed submission


  • A detailed report summarizing best practices and key strengths
  • Recommendations for improvement based on best practices in other award-winning organizations
  • Presentation of the report to senior management (optional)
  • PowerPoint that can be shared internally with employees
  • Detailed scores against each Desired Outcome
  • Certification and national recognition with a Canada Awards for Excellence


Grâce à notre expertise professionnelle, nous collaborerons étroitement avec vous pour comprendre votre organisation et vous aider en :


évaluant l’état actuel de votre organisation;


recueillant des données aux fins d’analyse et d’examen;


cernant les forces et les occasions d’amélioration clés de votre organisation;


établissant la priorité des occasions d’amélioration;


Setting performance improvement targets to monitor and compare your organization’s performance over time


confirmant l’admissibilité de votre organisation pour l’agrément et un prix de reconnaissance national.

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A Excellence Assessment is a solution for organizations looking to streamline the process towards certification and compare themselves against other certified organizations and Canada Awards for Excellence recipients.

We will start by immersing ourselves in your organization to understand where you are at and where you want to go, and then use the information to plan for your organization’s excellence assessment.

Par la suite, nous réaliserons une évaluation sur place pour cerner les forces et les occasions d’amélioration clés de votre organisation en fonction des exigences de la norme. Plus

Nous examinerons et analyserons les données de toutes les sources et regrouperons les constatations recueillies lors du processus d’évaluation. Vous recevrez un rapport exhaustif de nos constatations que vous pourrez utiliser pour éclairer votre planification et déterminer le meilleur parcours à suivre.

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