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Hydro-Québec Distribution

Récipiendaire – Or 2019
Excellence, Innovation et Mieux-être

Hydro-Québec has been generating, transmitting and distributing electricity for seventy-five year. The company is a world leader in the field of hydroelectricity (power from water). Its sole shareholder is the Québec government. With a total installed capacity of 37,310 MW, Hydro-Québec provides a clean, renewable and reliable supply of electricity to all Quebecers.

Hydro-Québec Distribution is Hydro-Québec’s largest division. Il delivers electricity through its distribution lines, which crisscross the province and extend for 224,000 km.

Its mission is to deliver a safe, reliable power supply and offer outstanding customer service.


Montreal, QC

5,500 employés

Outside of Québec, we share our expertise in power outages.

“This award recognizes our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation as a means of better serving our customers. It underscores the exceptional work of a dedicated, passionate and forward-looking team.”

Éric Filion, Président Hydro-Québec Distribution

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