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BC Pension Corporation

2020 Platinum Recipient
Excellence, Innovation and Wellness®

BC Pension Corporation is one of the largest pension service providers in Canada and the largest in British Columbia. They serve one in nine British Columbians, more than 639,000 members, from five different pension plans with more than 1,000 employers and pay out more than $400 million in benefits each month ($4.8 billion a year) to over 200,000 retirees. They pay pensions and provide expert pension services and trusted thought leadership to create an exceptional customer experience. As industry leaders, they drive innovation in pension administration.

Built off of their gold achievements, the Corporation’s journey to platinum excellence is incorporated in all aspects of their business. Every day they strive to reach higher through their passion and commitment to the members, employers, boards and plans they serve. Their accomplishments are a testament to hard work and dedication as a team of forward- thinking professionals with a common goal.


Victoria, BC

600 Employees

We celebrate our connection to each other and to our community.

“Excellence is not just about what we do. In fact, it is mostly about how we do it – the way we show up every day. We pursue excellence together – as one team; one community of professional, forward thinking people.”

Laura Nashman , CEO, BC Pension Corporation

Previous Awards

Excellence, Innovation and Wellness® – Gold, 2016

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