A Roadmap to Navigate the Future of Work

More than ever, adapting to the future of work will require organizations to equip themselves with the right framework, tools, direction, and focus. The Organizational Excellence Standard (OES) provides all that and more.

Now is the Time to Prioritize Organizational Excellence

The focus is not on what work is performed, but rather how work is performed

This fundamental shift in perspective results in a purpose-driven organization that will stand strong despite the tidal waves of change it may face. OES aligns with your unique purpose and process, giving you the tools to succeed. It provides a powerful framework of continual improvement to build a culture of excellence.

The Organizational Excellence Standard is here to help make it happen.


Utilize tools and processes to help you manage every level of your organization better, with an emphasis on prevention vs. correction


Keep your ideal customers, partners, or stakeholders firmly on your side with a value-driven mindset


Set strategic goals, and reach them with the right planning, monitoring, evaluation, and progress reporting


Improve bottom-line results

It’s time to strive for organizational excellence. We meet you where you are, beginning with a Rapid Assessment. Contact us today to learn more.

“A lot of research, thought, time and effort went into updating the standard and I think it is fitting for organizations today. We need to be agile in this ever-changing world and I believe you have accomplished that.”

The OES is designed to meet your needs today while future-proofing your organization for tomorrow.

The OES provides a common language of upward growth, strength, and stability your entire organization can use to reach new levels of excellence. Think of the OES as a catalyst for positive change and growth over time within your organization in six key Drivers.

Introduction to the Organizational Excellence Standard

The context in which organizations operate is changing rapidly, and every organization must chart its own path to excellence in order to achieve outstanding results. Even if an organization has already implemented other standards, such as other Excellence Canada standards, ISO 9001, Accreditation Canada, Lean/Six Sigma, etc., the OES provides a model that complements and supports existing frameworks and accreditation systems. OES provides a strategic umbrella for adaptation and harmonizes various practices into an aligned management system for pursuing organizational goals. This strategic approach helps build and sustain a culture of excellence.

Whether your organization is large or small, private sector, public sector or not-for-profit, the Organizational Excellence Standard will help you to:

  • Future-proof your organization by sustaining a high level of outstanding performance
  • Act and think strategically
  • Plan, perform, measure, and get great results
  • Create innovative ideas and solutions
  • Improve bottom-line results
  • Engage and retain the best customers and diverse employees
  • Build strong teams of motivated employees
  • Improve the physical, mental, and financial health of your employees


Drivers (areas of focus)

Desired Outcomes

1. Leadership

Build a strong culture for your organization with a clear value system that aligns with the organizational purpose. Set the strategic direction across all levels, for all your people.

2. Planning

Develop specific and measurable goals and action plans. Monitor, evaluate, and report on your progress to ensure progress while adjusting for internal and external factors that may influence outcomes. Strategically plan for the organization you want to become.

3. Customers

Continually improve your feedback loop to gather insight from customers (or clients, students, citizens, members, etc.), evaluate their needs, and deliver value that resonates. Set continual improvement measures for your products and services, and build loyalty and retention.

4. People

Foster a caring environment that supports and empowers your employees, one that emphasizes physical and psychological health and safety and includes a focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion. Ensure performance metrics are balanced and clearly tied to business objectives, team collaboration, and individual growth plans, to create a high-performance culture.

5. Processes

Analyze and solve problems before they become big issues with smart management of processes and projects across your entire organization. Implement tools and processes that get the work done effectively and smoothly.

6. Partners

Achieve your organization’s goals faster by identifying and nurturing key internal and external partnerships. Ensure expectations and objectives are clear, using tools and templates that define the terms, processes, and accountabilities that will lead to success. In today’s fast-paced global economy, partnerships are critical to success regardless of your industry.

The Organizational Excellence Standard is updated, restructured, and simplified to ensure organizational change is systematic and sustainable. OES aligns your people’s efforts with your vision, mission, values, and strategic objectives.

Get National Recognition for Implementing and Achieving the Organizational Excellence Standard

OES rewards and recognizes excellence through the prestigious Canada Awards for Excellence program. Organizations that implement OES can become certified and recognized nationally at four progressive levels:

OES Essentials

Your organization has the foundational pieces in place to become a successful and sustainable organization.

OES Gold

Your organization has achieved a comprehensive approach to excellence, innovation, and wellness with positive results and quantifiable improvement.

OES Platinum

Your organization has achieved a sustainable practice of excellence with the outcomes to prove it. You continue to improve over time, with sustained outcomes over at least 3 years. You are recognized as a leader in your sector.

OES Canada Order of Excellence

You’ve achieved sustained practice of OES at the Platinum level for at least two years and have moved on to world-class best practices.

Now is the time to prioritize organizational excellence. Schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation to learn how to get started.

What Do Our Clients Say About OES?

A lot of research, thought, time and effort went into updating the standard and I think it is fitting for organizations today. We need to be agile in this ever-changing world and I believe you have accomplished that.

Tonya Martin, CHRL, Manager, Human Resources, Calian Inc.

The new Organizational Excellence Standard provides organizations with a comprehensive framework to integrate excellence into every fibre of their organizational DNA! It aligns nation-wide best practices to validate organizational strengths, while identifying opportunities for improvement based on culture, to ensure organizational change is systemic and sustainable. This new standard possesses everything necessary for an organization to be truly excellent!

Kimm Trichilo, Supervisor, Quality Assurance, Peel Regional Police

The biggest value in pursuing this Standard is that it takes the guesswork out of what a leading organization should be and should do, and instead, orients all staff to thinking and speaking about excellence in one common language for one common goal.

Martin Stefanczyk, Program Manager, Corporate and Strategic Initiatives, Town of Aurora

Getting Started

Excellence Canada offers a suite of services and programs to complement your OES journey towards excellence.

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Take the First Step Towards Your Journey to Excellence

Before your organization begins its journey towards excellence it is important to establish consensus among your senior management team on the path forward. To help build consensus and show you where you are and where to begin, a Baseline Assessment of your organization is a good starting point.

Baseline Assessment is a good indication of your readiness for eligibility and defining the next steps towards certification and recognition. Schedule a 15-minute complimentary consultation to get started.

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