We support organizations to do their best. We are a diverse team of coaches and facilitators with a passion for fostering growth in organizations and their people. Working collaboratively with you and drawing from our experience, we create the best possible outcome for our clients.

Coaching and Consulting

We provide services designed to help you focus your vision, craft your strategy, and deliver on your plan to enhance your organizational performance.

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Assessment Services

We assess your current state against our standards of excellence and provide a high level comprehensive report that you can use to plan and set you up for success.

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We train individuals, leaders and managers, often as part of broader development programs, who are looking to make changes in their working lives.

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Our Process

We bring the expertise and knowledge of a diverse group of leaders from many sectors in Canada, holistic standards that provide an overall implementation model which complements and support any existing frameworks and accreditation systems, and a national recognition program that’s been core to our business since day one.

While our teams can help make today’s vision tomorrow’s reality, that doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of what we can do together.

We’ll start by immersing ourselves in your business to understand where you’re at and where you want to go. And then we’ll assemble the right team of experts to help you address opportunities and realize your vision.


Through deep analysis and research, we help you better understand your organization, who your customers, suppliers and stakeholders are, what they need, and how they experience your brand.

  • Current-state assessment
  • Risk management
  • Gap analysis
  • Reporting and dashboards


Together, we’ll articulate your vision for the future and build a clear roadmap to get from where you are to where you want to be. EC Standards will serve as a framework to ensure you move in a strategic and collaborative way.


  •  Program implementation and adoption
  • Governance strategies and plans
    (Quality, Innovation, HR, Wellness, Financial, Technology, etc.)
  • Strategy roadmap
  • Communication strategy
  • People, process, and training roadmaps


Assess your organization using one of our holistic, integrated standards to identify your strengths and opportunities for improvement. Use the data to build a plan to improve and become stronger and healthier.


  • Strategic operational planning
  • Key performance indicators (including balanced scorecard)

4. Operationalize and optimize

To make it stick, you need to motivate and empower your people with the right tools, training, and skills. We provide continuous learning and improvement opportunities to keep them getting better and faster, every day.

  • Awareness training
  • Sustainability balanced scorecard
  • Risk management
  • Innovation strategy
  • Communications strategy
  • Knowledge management

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