Coaching and Consulting

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Your Organization

A continual journey for excellence takes commitment, energy and time… and sometimes a little help from people who have knowledge and experience to make the journey a little easier and more effective. We offer consulting and coaching to do just that.


Our consultants provide assistance as requested at various stages of your journey. These include:


Preliminary assessments to help you gauge where you are now and what the best place for you to begin your journey would be, e.g. Bronze, Going for Silver or Gold or beyond!


Initial planning and related internal 'selling' of your journey


Helping you to do a full gap analysis with a selected internal team and build a related action plan to close any gaps between where you are and where you want to be


Coordinating training with our Training Department for you to build capacity to address identified gaps


Review your submission and provide feedback before you formally apply


Conduct a mock verification before your formal verification visit to ensure you are ready


Some organizations want all the above as well as customized coaching every step of the way – we are delighted to provide you with an experienced coach to do just that. This often involves monthly check-in meetings on progress; responding to questions from lead staff as you progress; and assisting with the cascade of the program through various levels of management right through to the front line.

We are here to help you be successful the first time in any way that we can. In fact, our verifiers tell us that they can tell right away when someone has benefited from consulting and/or coaching as the client is very well prepared. In fact, while there are no guarantees of course, the organizations to date who took advantage of our consulting and/or coaching services have all been successful in achieving certification. 

Note: Once you formally apply for certification to our Certification Manager, your consultant and/or coach is hands-off and our verification team takes over.  And you will be ready.

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