Privacy Policy

Excellence Canada collects various types of personal data about the visitors to its site. Visitors can choose to register with Excellence Canada to participate in some activities on the site or take advantage of free resources available for download.

To become a registered user, visitors must create their Excellence Canada Profile. Users can choose their own login name and password. Their personal data can also be required for participation in any surveys or other activities that may take place on the site, but only if the user authorizes Excellence Canada to do so. Visitors that purchase on-line via the Excellence Canada Store section will be asked to provide their delivery.

Modification or updates to your personal data on the Excellence Canada Web site

You may, at any time, access or change all of your personal data stored in the Excellence Canada database. To do so, you need only to go to My Profile Section. You may request your personal information be removed from the Excellence Canada database by contacting us.

Use of Cookies

Like most Web sites, the Excellence Canada site uses cookies to follow your browsing session. Excellence Canada does not use cookies to store personal data or any other information. Cookies do not disclose any personal data to Web sites and they do not have the capability to expose sensitive information from your computer. Use of cookies supply Web designers with the ability to identify you and store temporary information while you stay connected. Most browsers are programmed to accept cookies. However, your browser may be configured to refuse them. In this case, you will not be able to use the on-line shopping or access the free downloadable resources.

Use of personal data collected on Excellence Canada site

Excellence Canada uses your personal information for processing on-line purchases or event registration. Only authorized Excellence Canada staff can access such information. Excellence Canada saves certain data such as delivery and billing addresses. This way, frequent users need only to supply their user name and password when they return to the site. EXCELLENCE CANADA WEB SITE DOES NOT STORE ANY CREDIT CARD DATA WHATSOEVER. This data must be entered by users every time they place an order or request event registration. Such information is collected through a secure and encrypted communication protocol only within the purchasing check-out process via the VeriSign PayFlow System. Users who might prefer not to transmit credit card data over the Internet may place their orders or register for upcoming events and courses by phoning an Excellence Canada representative.

Registering on the Excellence Canada Web site will allow users to access free Quality and Healthy Workplace® resources available for download.

Excellence Canada may communicate promotional offers only to users who have consented to be contacted. Excellence Canada can keep you informed of changes affecting the site, Excellence Canada products, services , and tools. Excellence Canada can also use you personal data for informing you of any upcoming events. When users choose not to be contacted, Excellence Canada refrains from using their personal data to send them any information or solicit them in any way.

Data Protection

Excellence Canada only shares data it collects on its site with its staff. Any person who uses this data does so only when expressly authorized and in strict compliance with the Excellence Canada Privacy Policy. Excellence Canada advertisers and members may not access your personal information at any time. Excellence Canada uses state of the art secure and encrypted data communication to deal with the storage and disclosure of personal data and to avoid any unauthorized access. All such data is kept in a confidential and secure database. EXCELLENCE CANADA WILL NOT GIVE, ASSIGN, TRANSFER, SELL, OR RENT TO A THIRD PARTY ANY OF THE DATA PROVIDED BY USERS TO ITS SITE, unless forced to do so by law, compelled to do so in compliance with the demands of a regulatory body, or if it becomes necessary to do so in order to protect the rights of users, or its own.

Protecting Passwords

Passwords are used to identify site users, who are their custodians and responsible for their confidentiality. Users should not disclose their passwords or authorize anyone to use them. Excellence Canada uses passwords to protect the confidentiality of personal data to which users want access. Users who want to access their profiles or purchasing history need to identify themselves using their passwords. Therefore any person with access to a user’s user name and password could obtain the same data. Whenever users allow other people to use their computers, they should exit the computer from browsers at the end of each visit to the site.

Privacy Policy Changes

Excellence Canada reserves the right to modify its Privacy Policy at any time without notice. Any modification of the Policy will be published on the site as quickly as possible. Users are therefore encouraged to visit the Privacy Policy section of the site regularly so they can keep up with modifications. Should you wish to find out more about the Canadian rules dealing with privacy protection on the Internet please visit (Privacy Commissioner of Canada).

If you have any further question or comments regarding the Excellence Canada Privacy Policy, please contact us.