Canada Awards for Excellence

Since 1984, Canada’s most coveted organizational awards program for recognizing outstanding achievement. The Governor General of Canada is the Patron of the Canada Awards for Excellence program.

The Standard of Excellence

The Canada Awards for Excellence is the nation’s pre-eminent recognition of organizational excellence award.

The Canada Awards for Excellence program involves meeting and exceeding rigorous standards and requirements, demonstration of continual improvement, measurement of progress, and verification. To receive the Award, an organization must demonstrate outstanding performance in the appropriate award category: Excellence, Innovation and Wellness, Healthy Workplace, Mental Health at Work and Financial Wellness.

The recipients are role models of excellence in the areas of leadership, governance, strategy, planning, customer experience, employee engagement, innovation and wellness. The organizations come from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, from coast-to-coast. Each has a unique story to tell of their excellence journey, but one thing they all have in common is a focus on continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence.

What makes our Awards Unique?


While all awards are positive and desirable, none compare with the holistic and integrated nature of the Canada Awards for Excellence standards.


Other awards celebrate where you are now. The Canada Awards for Excellence celebrate where you are going tomorrow.


Organizations do not “compete” nor are they ranked as in other awards programs, but rather they are selected on the basis of meeting or exceeding every one of the requirements of the Canada Awards for Excellence standards.

2018 Award Recipients

Here are the 2018 recipients of the Canada Awards for Excellence. Click on an organization’s logo to view their profile.

Mental Health at Work – Platinum
Healthy Workplace® – Platinum
Mental Health at Work – Gold
Healthy Workplace® – Gold