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Across Boundaries

2019 Bronze Recipient
Mental Health at Work

A proud recipient of Accreditation Canada’s, ‘Accreditation with Commendation’ award (2019-2024) and Excellence Canada’s Bronze certification in Mental Health at Work, Across Boundaries provides high quality, safe and effective mental health and addiction services to marginalized, racialized communities.   Services are uniquely enhanced by incorporating an anti-racism, anti-oppression and resisting anti-Black racism lens in the service recipients’ journey of recovery.

The agency utilizes research, community engagement, capacity building, and awareness of the intersection of personal identities, combined with advocacy at the individual, institutional and systemic levels to inform key components of our work.

As a leader comfortable with uncomfortable dialogue in areas of racism, oppression and anti-Black racism has led us to one of the most exciting initiatives currently underway – the development of an Across Boundaries’ Learning Institute to ensure the experiences, histories and therapeutic approaches developed over two decades of the agency lifespan, are widely shared for greater collective impact!

Team Building in 2017

Health Care

Toronto, ON

33 Employees

November 2018 – Birthday Celebrant

“Not everyone gets access to mental health and addictions support when they need it. Research shows people from racialized communities are more likely to get delayed access to care, resulting in poorer health outcomes. Sadly, their first opportunity to get help is often through the criminal justice system or the emergency departments. Imagine what could be prevented if they got the right kind of help, when they needed it? As the Executive Director of Across Boundaries, an Ethnoracial Mental Health Centre, I am responsible for a remarkable organization dedicated to providing mental health and addictions counseling, along with programs and services to people and communities facing barriers to care. “

Aseefa Sarang, Executive Director, Across Boundaries

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