Certificate of leadership excellence

Cultivate your leadership style.

This program helps build leadership excellence that will help you become adept at analyzing, interpreting, and appropriately responding to situations that call for leadership interventions. You will gain insights into how your own leadership styles and approaches may either facilitate or impede your leadership effectiveness.

The Certificate of Leadership Excellence is built on theme-based learning to create a highly engaging experience.

Throughout the 6 module program, participants will join a diverse cohort of individuals from varying positions and industries. The cohort experience will allow participants to grow from a multitude of perspectives while being part of a learning community where your growth is supported and encouraged.

Excellence Canada’s goal is to create a diverse learning community for a cohort of 25 participants for each program session

To achieve your certification, you must successfully complete, within the official timespan, the published certificate curricula from the year you registered in the certificate program. In some circumstances, certificate requirements may change, resulting in courses no longer being available. In such cases, Course Substitutions may be requested.

There are 11 modules in the Certificate in Leadership Excellence Program. Each module relates to a leadership excellence topic and is delivered using a theme which is supported by academic literature.

Over the course of a year, participants will engage in facilitated remote learning experiences, group learning, peer feedback, action planning, and personal development in order to become effective leaders in their organizations.

Each participant will assess their baseline leadership excellence prior to the first module using the simple “Leadership Excellence Wheel” survey to highlight areas that require attention and improvement. They will do a second assessment at the end of the program to show their progress and understand strengths and opportunities for improvement in the future.

Dr. Adam Stoehr
VP Educational Services

Dr. Adam Stoehr has overall responsibility for Excellence Canada’s educational services, including the development and deployment of training and certification. He is one of Excellence Canada’s primary facilitators and speakers. He researches and typically speaks about strategy, employee happiness, organizational excellence, customer experience, leadership, process improvement and all forms of quality management.

Adam has delivered talks for more than 25,000 adults and has conducted more than 20 Canada Awards for Excellence award verifications since 2000.

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Spring Program starts Mar 28, 2024 (see other dates below)

Live Online

1-4:30 PM ET


Fall program starts Sept 17, 2024 (see other dates below)

Live Online

1-4:30 PM ET


Other program dates:

Spring Program: March 28, April 4 & 25, May 16 and June 13
Fall Program: Sept 17, Oct 1, Oct 15, Nov 12, Nov 26 and Dec 10

Note: Participants must attend all sessions to receive certification. All sessions are recorded and can be viewed if a participant cannot attend a session.

What our clients are saying…

The Excellence Canada training has provided a practical tool kit and solid platform from which to prompt strategic change with my organization.
Marlene Grace

CEP, Sun Life Financial

I really enjoyed the new “webinar” approach to the courses I was able to take.  I learned at my own pace and on my own time.  The information was clear and the material was easy to reference in the books that accompany the coursesion.
Antonella Palmieri

CEP, Sun Life Financial

After doing the webinars, I honestly have the feeling that this media is as good as the in class course, meaning that I learned as well by Webinar than being in class.
Martin Nadon

CEP, Morneau Shepell

Program Curriculum

There are 11 modules in the Certificate of Leadership Excellence Program. Each module relates to a leadership excellence topic and is delivered using a theme which is supported by academic literature.

Module 1: Introduction to Leadership Excellence. Who are you as a Leader?

Super Mario Brothers Kart Wheels and the Mario Brothers Effect.


  • What Leadership Excellence involves
  • About leading with intention
  • Different definitions of leadership
  • The difference between Management and Leadership.
  • The reasons why Capable People Are Reluctant to Lead.
  • Teamwork and collaboration introduction
Module 2: Leadership Mindsets, Behaviours, and Traits. Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Get good at Juggling. Leaders need to be able to juggle their traits, behaviours, and mindsets. You also need a very good sense of awareness (Emotional Intelligence) on your strengths and opportunities.


  • The characteristics of effective leaders.
  • If leaders are born or made
  • Contrast and link between traits and behaviours
  • Leadership mindset
  • Made in Canada Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence
Module 3: Leading Through Problem Solving

Rubik’s Cubes, Sharks, and Squids. The problems you face will determine the leadership that is required. Leaders spend most of their time solving problems. Sometimes they take a day to solve and sometimes they take a lifetime.


  • How to solve different kinds of leadership problems
  • How we come to conclusions and make decisions? (Often jump to conclusions)
  • The brain science behind cognitive bias
  • Practical ways to make better decisions and solve more problems
Module 4: Collaborative Leadership and Teamwork

Theme: What we can learn about collaboration and teamwork from the Greatest Sports Teams. (Including the Toronto Maple Leafs!)


  • What makes an excellent team? Characteristics? Size? Traits?
  • How to Lead Teams to high performance
  • Power of Collaborative Leadership
  • Ways to Build Collaborative Teams
  • About being a Mentor and a Mentee
  • Virtual Team Leadership
Module 5: Strategic Leadership

Theme: Going “Back to the Future.” How can we get Future Back? Plan today with the future in mind.


  • Present based Leadership (present-forward approach.
  • Future based leadership (future-back approach)
  • Leading through Vision, Direction and Strategy
    • The Domain of Strategic Leadership
Module 6: Power, Influence and Authenticity

Theme: What’s your Superpower? Where do Leaders get their power from?


  • The kinds of Influential Leadership (Transformational, Transactional, Charismatic, Coalition)
  • Characteristics of Authentic leadership (True to yourself, Sincere, True to your values)
  • Sources of Leadership Power
  • Charisma and Narcissism
Module 7: The Power of Diversity, Equity and inclusion

Theme: Home Alone. Some of our best talent is feeling “home alone” at work and in Leadership.


  • Leading through the Power of Diversity
  • Value of Organizational Diversity
  • About the current Leadership Diversity Gap
  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion in Leadership
  • How to increase a sense of belonging at work
  • How to make time and space for conversations at work about inclusion, race, and belonging
Module 8: Shaping Culture and Leading Change

Theme: Changing Harry Potter. How to change culture like the Harry Potter crew.


  • What is changing at work?
  • Changes you will go through and Seismic Shifts for leaders
  • How to Lead through Organizational Change
  • How to increase buy-in for change
  • How to define organizational culture
  • Steps to shifting organizational Culture over the long term
Module 9: Leading Within Context and Context Adaptability

Theme: How is your Golf Game? We don’t use a putter to drive a golf ball. You need to use the right club for the right situation. Just like leadership.


  • Context Adaptability
  • Leadership Situational Theory and Context Management
  • About Task vs. Relationship approaches in various situations
  • About Fiedler’s Contingency Model
Module 10: Leading Through Happiness and Balance

Theme: Sweet Home! Your workplace needs to feel as good as your favourite place. As a leader you need to be as comfortable as you are at Home (or Sweet Home).


  • How to be happier at work
  • The surprising science of happiness
  • The hidden power of smiling
  • About Resiliency Building and Stress Management
  • About Time Management
Module 11: Leadership Communication

Theme: Leaders need to communicate like Drake and Taylor Swift (and others!). What can we learn about leadership communication from today’s music icons.


  • How leadership is a conversation over time with Intimacy, Interactivity, Inclusion, and Intentionality
  • About Communication Breakdowns and why Leadership Communication skills are so important
  • About Communicating in Difficult Situations including Negotiation and collective bargaining
  • About Leadership Communication in a social media Universe
  • How to deliver an Excellent presentation
Leadership Impact Assignment Presentations
  • Summary and reflections of what we’ve learned throughout the program
  • Leadership Excellence Progress Presentations
    • Participants will present their progress in solving their important leadership problems
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