Total Employee Experience Survey

Creating a holistic approach to the employee experience demands better tools and programs to capture employee feedback continuously. Utilizing a survey tool can make this possible. Begin by understanding the baseline for your organization’s employee experience – then adjust, adapt, and repeat.

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Improve Your Employee Experience with Feedback

The modern workplace is characterized by flexible work approaches, project-based virtual teams, and the expectation of “always-on” communication. With unprecedented changes to our society, economy, and businesses in the last year especially, the way employees experience work has become more important than ever before.

The total employee experience is the journey an employee takes with your organization. It encapsulates what they encounter and observe over the course of their employment, including every interaction that happens along the way, and the experiences that involve an employee’s role, workspace, manager, colleagues, and wellbeing.

When organizations get employee experience right, they can achieve increased customer satisfaction and innovation, and generate higher profits, than those that don’t. Yet, research from Deloitte show that despite this, only 9% of business leaders believe they are very ready to address the issue.

Based on research-based desired outcomes provided in the Organizational Excellence Standard (OES), the Total Employee Experience Survey will provide you with the data needed to align your employees’ experiences with your company’s purpose, brand and culture; ultimately inspiring employee commitment and improving your company’s performance.


Ready to assess employee satisfaction as well as overall employee engagement?

Key Elements

The following elements are explored throughout this survey

Organizational Values and Culture

Understanding the clarity of your organization’s strategic direction, and workplace responsibility, and commitment to employee wellbeing and inclusion.

Learning and Development

Sufficiency of job skills, availability of development programs, and training opportunities for enhancement.

Physical Environment

Employees physical environment is sufficient (office or remote work), and there are policies/procedures in place for improvement.

Stress Satisfaction Offset Score – A Self-Assessment

The Stress & Satisfaction Offset Score was developed by Dr. Martin Shain in collaboration with Health Canada and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. Employees are provided with their individual SSOS at the end of the survey.

Leadership and People Management

Leadership communicates with employees, employees are involved in decision making processes, and managerial support of work-life balance.

Innovation and Continual Improvement

Efforts to improve business practices, products and/or services are ongoing, workplace communication is effective, and feedback is collected, and improvement is implemented.

Employee health, safety and wellbeing

The organization has programs, resources and/or supports for employees, work-life balance is encouraged, and respect for diversity is established.

Organizational Stress Satisfaction Offset Score

An organizational Stress Satisfaction Offset Score is calculated in the final report.

Improve Your Employee Experience with Feedback

The Total Employee Experience Survey will provide you with the data needed to align your employee’s experiences with your origination’s purpose, brand, and culture.

Review Results

High-level summary of overall engagement and experience

Analyze Responses by Demographic

Customize to represent the demographics of your organization. Drill down to view results by age, department, position, location, etc.

Employee Sentiment by Topic


Open-Ended questions

The voice of the employee will also be heard through open-ended questions, which encourage employees to provide feedback in their own words.

Stress & Satisfaction Offset Score (SSOS)

An organizational Stress Satisfaction Offset Score is included in the final report, with recommendations on next steps to continual improvement.

Compare Trend Data

Repeat this survey every 6 months to gauge the effectiveness of your improvement initiatives, measure KPI’s, and to identify new opportunities for continual improvement as your employees advance through their tenure.


There are two survey plans to choose from. Choose the option that suits you best.

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