Remote Work Pulse Check Survey

As the future of work evolves, it is imperative to check in frequently with employees to ensure they have the support, tools and resources they need to be engaged and productive.

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A Simple and Powerful Survey Tool That Helps You get Actionable Insights

The results of this online pulse survey will help you understand employee work preferences, and identify resources and tools they need to work more comfortable and efficiently from home.

Results-Driven Survey

A survey tool that will help your organization move from reactionary measure to proactively planning for what comes next.


Open-Ended Questions

The voice of your employees will be heard through open-ended questions, encouraging them to provide feedback in their own words.


Measures and Reporting

Track responses monthly or quarterly, plot trends over time and link improvements back to actions in your organiation’s startegic plans.

Ready to assess employee satisfaction as well as overall employee engagement?

Improve Your Employee Experience with Feedback

Give your employees a voice and increase their engagement and productivity with our simple survey. Use the data to inform your organization’s plans.

Review Results

High level summary of overall engagement and well-being.

Analyze Responses by Demographic

Customize to represent the demographics of your organization. Drill down to view results by age, department, position, location, etc.

Compare Trend Data

Repeat this survey to gauge the effectiveness of your improvement initiative, and to identify new issues that occur as the future of work evolves.


There are two survey plans to choose from. Choose the option that suits you best.

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