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Getting Started with Excellence: 5 Pragmatic Steps to OES

With: Catherine Neville & Kathryn Cestnick

Recorded on: March 18th, 2021

LifePlan™: 10 “F”-Words for Life.

With: Allan Ebedes

Recorded on: March 17th, 2021

The Why, What, and the Why Now of the new Organizational Excellence Standard (OES)

With: Dr. Adam Stoehr

Recorded on: February 11th, 2021

How Carleton University adapted their Mental Health and Healthy Workplace Strategies during Covid.

With Guests: Cindy Taylor & Samah Sabra

Recorded on: January 12th, 2021

The WSIB’s Health and Safety Excellence Program: A Roadmap for Businesses to Improve Workplace Health and Safety

Guests: Rodney Cook, VP, Workplace Health and Safety Services, & Diana Rea, Stakeholder Engagement Lead, at WSIB

Recorded on: December 8th, 2020

The Method to the Magic

Guest: Dan Cockerell, Virtual COO, Executive Coach and former Vice President of Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Recorded on: November 24th, 2020

Workplace Mental Health: How to Get Started

Host: Craig Mannell, Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC)
Guest Speakers: Donna Marshall, Co-Founder, Workright Inc. and Karen Jackson, Sr. Advisor, Excellence Canada

Recorded on: November 19th, 2020

Calians’ Excellence Journey

Speaker: Kevin Ford, President and CEO, Calian Group Ltd.

Canadian Forces Housing Agency Journey to Excellence

Speaker: David Thompson, CEO, CFHA

Finding Calm in the Chaos

Speakers: Colin De France and Jonathan La Greca

Workplace Mental Health Essentials and Mindfulness

Speaker: Jonathan La Greca, Founder and Mindfulness Coach, GentleMind

Feel Good First: Building Resilience in Ridiculous Times

Speaker: Robert Hawke, Comedian and Cancer Survivor

Ensuring Inclusion is Part of Your Wellness Strategy – How will you Make it Happen?

Speaker: Yanique Smith, Director, Well-being & Accessibility, Rogers Communications Inc.

10 “F-Words” that you need to survive Covid -19!

Speaker: Allen Ebedes, President and CEO, Excellence Canada

Return to Work With Excellence – Region of Peel

Speaker: Nancy Polsinelli, Interim CAO, Region of Peel

Great Employers Create Thriving Workplaces

Speaker: Karen Jackson, Senior Advisor, Healthy Workplace® Strategies, Excellence Canada

How to be Happier at Work – Part 2 – Covid-19, Day 9999

Speaker: Dr. Adam Stoehr, Vice President, Education and Research, Excellence Canada

Improving Processes: When Work is Not the Same as it Ever Was

Speaker: Dr. Adam Stoehr, Vice President, Education and Research, Excellence Canada

How Influence Shapes the Person You Become

Speaker: Dr. Peter Legge, Chairman & CEO/Publisher of Canada Wide Media

Workplace Wellness: It’s not Just Checking a Box

Guest Speaker: Susanne Cookson, Co-founder, BestLifeRewarded Innovations (BLRI)

How a Healthy Organization Achieves Post-Pandemic Sustainability

Guest Speaker: Graham Lowe, The Graham Lowe Group

Why wait? FUTURE PROOF your brand with a GOAL and a PLAN!

Guest Speaker: Peter Drummond,
Principal and Co-Founder @PSD+D Strategy Group

WTF: What to Feel About Work in the Time of COVID-19

Guest Speaker: Mary Ann Baynton, Director of Strategy & Collaboration, Workplace Strategies for Mental Health

What Day is it??? How to Maintain “Happiness at Work” When Work is Not the Same it Ever Was?

Speaker: Dr. Adam Stoehr, Vice President, Education and Research

Creating a Healthy Workplace

Speaker: Dr. Adam Stoehr, Vice President, Education and Research

Taking Action to Improve Employee Financial Wellness

Guests: Sun Life and Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences

Virtual Health Care Strategies for Tomorrow

Guest Speakers: Eric Pfeiffer, Senior Health Consultant, Manulife and Meghan van Zanden, Head of Clinical Operations, Akira Health

5 Tips to Boost Innovation Success and Pitfalls to Avoid

Guest Speakers: Shelli Baltman and Fiona Stevenson, Co-founders of The Idea Suite

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How to Manage and Respond to Workplace Mental Health Challenges in the Time of COVID

Covid-19 has brought fresh challenges to all organizations around the world. The future of work brings changes to the workplace, work, and workforce, which require additional attention to understanding and managing the pandemic of mental health challenges facing our evolving workplace today.

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